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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Stephanie - 2009-01-18
We just bought our son a mini lop rabbit and one ear is up and one is down. Does this mean her ear will never go down, is she half of some other kind?

Nick Jones - 2009-01-16
My name is Nick. I am seven years old. My Mom surprised me with a dwarf lop last week. My buuny is a great pet because he cuddles with me and is very friendly. He is a great first pet because I can feed him myself and give him water myself. Everyone in my family loves playing with him. This is a super pet for kids. I named him DARTH after Darth Vader. He is awesome!!

miranda - 2009-01-05
Ever since I was little, I have had an extreme fear of bunnies. All of them, no matter how big or little they were, I just couldn't go near one. Well, recently my guinea pig died and I saw a chance that I didn't get very often. I got my very first bunny to replace the pig, a white and silver mini lop boy. It was the best decision I've ever made. He pushed my boyfriend over and became the love of my life in a matter of days. He is so smart and has a lot of personality! I never expected it from a rabbit. The pet I can relate my Marley to is a dog. He's just amazing!

Delaney G. - 2008-12-22
Thank you for posting Rabbits on your site! I am in a 4-H club and I needed an animal to show. I live in a gated community out by a lake, and I only have four acres. My 4-H friends were recommending all sorts of animals, like pigs, chickens, dogs, and cats. I already have two dogs (both I can't train this late in their lives) and a cat (same as the dogs, too old to train). Then my friends sister Myca showed me her rabbit and I fell in love. I decided to get a rabbit this Spring. I have been doing my research, and a Mini Lop is the one for me. I can't wait until I get one, I'm hoping for a BIG doe. The names I have picked out are: Spencer, Choxie, Devi, Demi, or (if I get a Broken Black or Broken Brown) Moolatte. Thank you, Animal World!!

tamara - 2008-11-30
Hi, I have a White mini lop with black spots.His name is kisses I got him about 2 years ago and he is a great addition to our family. Your site has helped me so much, Thank you!!

Marianne - 2008-11-26
I had the best rabbit of my life. I got him around my 21st birthday so I named him Vodka. He had more personality than most people I know and he was the love of my life. I was absolutely devastated when he passed away this past summer. He would follow me around and was litter trained. He was also smarter than most people I know. Everyone in my family loved him and other people who knew him were also upset when he passed away. I have since gotten another rabbit-though a different breed because no one could replace Vodka and having the same breed would be too painful. This rabbit is still new, so we're still getting to know each other, but nothing can compare to Vodka-ever. I would definitely recommend getting a mini lop because they are just the smartest breed and they have the most personality.

probertson - 2008-11-16

I'm in the market to purchase a Holland lop bunny. I have antiques and alot of exposed wooden leg pieces that I'm sure would be inviting. I understand my furniture maybe in trouble. What can be done to avoid this problem in advance?

Thank you
P Robertson

REBECCA HUERTAS - 2008-10-22

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  • Nala - 2010-04-22
    Do you have a boy and a girl if so then she probably is.
Tina - 2008-10-13
After having lost my English Spot rabbit earlier this year, I have just become mom to a 4-month old mini lop rabbit. Her fur is ginger & white & she is a lovely little rabbit. She's only been home for 2 days & has already made herself at home on my bed, on the chairs & with us. I'm so glad that I got her &, even tho I still miss my other rabbit, I am looking forward to bonding with her more & having a great relationship with her.

Monique - 2008-09-29
About a week and a half ago both my female rabbits gave birth on the same day. Ginger had 3 babies, but one was still born. CP had 6, and they all seemed to be healthy but 2 days later two died. :(
Now the 6 babies all seem to be healthy and have grown their fur. One is black, there's 2 broken black butterfly, a broken chocolate butterfly, a light grey, and a white with orange markings.
I can't wait until they're out of their nest and running around! ^_^