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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Louisa - 2010-07-07
I have a holland lop for almost three weeks, he loves to be petted and doesn't want to be held at all. How am I going to cut his nails if I can't hold him?

Samantha - 2010-07-03
Hi I Have a blue otter mini lop his name is ollie he is so cute.

Bree - 2010-06-15
I just bought a rabbit about 3 weeks ago and I'm trying to figure out what it is. His name is puddles he is all white and has blue eyes and his ears are always doing something different first they will be laying back but when I pick him up or let him hop around outside they like air plane wings. I was told he might be a mini lop or dwarf lop. What's the difference between these two besides the size?

kayla - 2010-03-27
I just got two mini lops cocoa (doe) and super buck (bucky!) (buck as you can tell by the name) My buck (bucky) is the calmer of the two and is like a pet toy breed dog, I went and got him a doggie purse so he can go with me places since he loves being around the family. I also got him a sweater from big R and we'll slowly work him into that one to see how that goes when he settles.

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  • kara - 2010-05-16
    Where did you get your mini lop?
  • Cassie - 2010-06-10
    What is your solution for using the potty in the purse? It sounds like a great idea, I see folks all over taking itty bitty dogs places camouflaged in a pet purse and the idea of taking our new pet bunnies in one is awesome.
Haley Hunsicker - 2010-05-24
What do I need to raise a mini lop rabbit?

Grant Crawford - 2010-05-22
I want to get a mini lop rabbit, but I don't know the basics of raising one. What do I do?

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  • Bob Butts - 2010-05-24
    I think that you should get it and use the Internet to get the answers that you want.
Danyelle - 2010-03-22
I jus got a Mini Lop about two days ago she is two months old. She is already so attached to the family. Although she would rather sleep in someones hands than her cage. She is actually sleeping in my hand now sucking on my finger. She loves to run along the back of our sofa and sit there while we watch tv. Her name is Pandora and I love her already!

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  • jacqueline - 2010-03-30
    That is soooooo cute I hope you enjoy he.r I wish my dad could get me one sounds like fun=)
sharon - 2010-03-19
I just adopted a beautiful female lop named lullaby. She's only been home for a couple of hours and man is she freaked out. She's hopping around and looks a little bit upset, so I will give her plenty of love and let her get used to the new home.

Moriah - 2010-03-03
I have had my male lop named Meiko for a little over a year now. He's a very spoiled rotten rabbit and he's very picky. He is also very naughty when he wants to be, and is teritorial towards my dogs and sprays everywhere. But Im scared to get him spayed because of the stress it will put him in. Would it be better for everyone if we got him spayed?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-10
    Yes definitely.
ME - 2010-01-12
I luv my grey Mini Lop, Bambi.