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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Savanah - 2004-05-25
I have had two mini-lops but they sadly passed away. They are so well behaved and would jut let you hold them, even if it was the wrong way. They are the best bunnies you could buy.

erin reynolds - 2004-05-21
Hi!! I own a mimi lop and I love her. Princess is a little charater. She can always make me laugh and thats whats so special about her. Sometimes her stubbon addatude can be a little pain, but she has an additude because i spoil her to death.!!!!

Danielle - 2004-04-05
I just recently got a mini lop for the first time and shes 7 weeks old and she is adorable! She is rather energetic but I like that cause she enjoys playing with my dogs and guinea! They all sleep together and its rather cute! They are great pets!

billie - 2004-03-22
they are so cute

jcfjfrhdrbrrtdye6 - 2004-03-04
i really want a mini lop rabbit,i have some mixed breed rabbits at my house but compared to these little rabbits they are ugly.

vicky - 2004-02-28
I have two mini-lops and they are sisters. My one is called Snuffles and my sisters is called Thumper. They are so cute and both love a cuddle any time! They are such adorable rabbits because they stay quite small and have really droopy ears!

Autumn - 2004-02-26

Mini lop rabbits are just so fun! I have two (boy and a girl). Their names are Hanzel and Gretal. They live outside in cages. I put them outside in their fence or in the house somtimes. Its so funny to watch them too. They are great pets!

Erik - 2003-12-29
I have one mini-lop. His name is Loppy. He is a light yellow color,he
is very cute and likes a lot of attention. Loppy sleeps inside but likes it when I put him outside. I think mini-lops are good pets for kids because they get along with other animals like my cat cinnamon.

andrea snyder - 2003-12-29
i have owned mini lops for three years and they are great! i just started breeding them last year and they are so cute when they are babies and they are better when they grow up. they all seem to love to cuddle and they, and they all have their own personality that is adorable. they are all very nice and not too energetic, my favorite thing about a mini lop is when you can open their cage and they stick their heads out and want you to cuddle with them. their are great little bunnies i would recomend to anyone. i have seen other breeds of rabbits and the mini lop is the best out there!!!

`sadie - 2003-12-08
my mini lop is the best rabbit that there ever was he is so gentle and sweet he also is very loyal like when he gets out of his cage he comes right to me. i have to trap my other rabbits. i think that these rabbits are the purfect breed of rabbits.