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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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BRITTANY - 2004-12-26
I have a male Mini Lop and loves to play around. I named him Leo. His colours are a thick tan strip from his nose to his back and the rest of him including his tale is a blueish grey. If anyone is going to get a rabbit soon, I garuntee a Mini Lop is the right rabbit!!

kayla - 2004-12-25
my mini lop is the cutest pet ive ever had! he is sooo chubby and he loves to eat. he chases the famly cat around! he is a great pet!

jazzy - 2004-12-21
i have 3 rabbits. 1 mini-lop her named joise she is a cute little rabbit that is the tamest ive ever had. my buck is a boy and he is a dwarf/mini lop, im not too sure. he is grey. i also have a red eyed albino with only one lopped ear, obviously cross breed. she isnt the cutest rabbit but has a lovely temperment. look after your rabbits guys. treat them as your kids, not just your pets. me and josie are taking a holiday down to the beach tomorrow on a lead. she loves the beach. all my rabbits that ive had love running on the beach, top excercise.

emgrph - 2004-12-10
a few years ago i owned a few rabbits but i think the best natured rabbit i had was a black mini lop called sillvester. he was so cute and loved all the food i gave him. mini lops are not picky eaters and now i know what type of rabbit to get if anyone asks!!!

Aleeha Dudley - 2004-11-30
Mini-lops are cute as babies! When they are hungry, be careful, or they will take the bowl right out of your hands! Be very careful with them, because I have proof that it hurts when a rabbit is feeling like it is going to be dropped.

ashleigh walker - 2004-11-26
I just got my bunny 2 days ago and he is sooooo cute. His name is OSCAR and he is a mini dwarf lop. He is soooooo cuddly and he loves to hop around the house when i bring him inside. He is a cinnamon colour with bits of grey and black. He has a cute grey and black fluffy tail. i love him dearly!!!! He is only 6 weeks old so he has alot of baby fur still. And believe me they are easy to look after so i highly recommend them to everybody!!

Ashleigh 26/11/04, tas

abbie - 2004-10-19
I love my mini-lop bunny soo much! his name is simon and i just got him a couple days ago. im having a bit of trouble training him but i think in the end he will learn and be just great! i recomend a mini-lop bunny to anyone, they are so sweet and lovable, and hey even get along good with other pets.

Katie - 2004-10-08
i have a mini lop rabbit and its only about 2 months old. my other rabbit attacked it about a month ago (i dont know the breed of the other one) and my lop rabbit had gashes and welts all over its body. now its doing great and is almost completely healed! it likes to run, jump, play, and tip its food dish over! It will also lay with me and cuddle and i love my lop so much! i couldnt have ever picked a better bunny to have!

Zenidog - 2004-09-27

Mini Lops are kind and sweet. But you must handle them gently
because, like all rabbits, they are fragile! Mini Lops have long ears and soft fur. They can come in all different colors. You may see your Mini Lop leap in midair and do numerous twists.
Do not worry about this because this is an expression of happiness.
It is called a binky. Mini Lops can jump very high, so be very cautious when you put them in low places with no ceilings! Despite all their troubles, these rabbits can be very loving creatures. They
are quiet and love timothy diet hay. Mini Lops are an excellent choice as a pet. Good luck to all you new rabbit owners!!

aimee - 2004-09-25
Oh we have a dwarf lop and mini lop rabbit and they are both so cute, we love them to death and they are also great as they dont grow as big as other rabbits, Trust me when i say if you buy one you wont regret it!!