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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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kira - 2005-01-20
I have a mini lop it is a great pet it is called amego they are great pets. kira

Nic Read - 2005-01-17
i have the best mini lop ever. he doesnt seem like a rabbit because he is so playful and loyal, like a dog is. when i walk into the room my rabbit runs around my feet in circles and makes a funny buzzing noise through his noise. He probly behaves like this because he is a house rabbit and has lots of freedom which makes him very happy.

MHYRA CARMONA - 2005-01-16
My baby mini lop is the cutest!! im an only child n she is the family "baby" her name is angel but will only come when called baby.. :) evryone adores her n she is so smart!!! is like a puppy.. takes commands such as... "stand up, beby", "kiss" or "come here!!" love her!!

mandy - 2005-01-15
Hi I just got a mini lop bunny. It is the most adorable mini lop i ever seen. no offense to all of bunny owners. i think mine is one of the cutest mini lop born and thats a fact. If you dont believe me i will get pictures soon and i will show you. I have a friend named Ashley and she is just so attached to it and she just met it for a couple of hours. That proves it is so so so so adorable.

Colleen - 2005-01-15
I have three minilops. They are such great rabbits! They are so playful, and gentle! I have a brown mini lop named Hershey. We got him at 5 months! If you ever buy a rabbit, GET A MINI LOP!!

Megan Hutte - 2005-01-08
I have a Mini Lop rabbit and I am planning to breed him. He is soo cute, he is a calico rabbit. We have had her for about 9 months and we adore her. She is potty trained and very smart.

Faith B. AGE10 - 2005-01-05
I have 6 mini lops! They are a great pet! I highly recommend them for house pets. My other breeds of bunnies were mean! These are cute, nice, and you can train them real easly! ~BUY ONE IF YOU ARE LOoKING FOR A FURRY FRIEND~

Amy Douglas - 2005-01-05
My daughter got a mini lop for Christmas last year. He is grey, white speckled with a little brown. His name is Tanner. He is so sweet and gentle. He was great as a first pet. I highly recommend this type of rabbit.

Anonymous - 2005-01-04
I got my mini lop last May when she was 8 weeks old. I was a bit apprehensive bringing her home since I had three very spoiled Yorkies. Needless to say they all became immediate friends, infact, Daisy thinks she is a Yorkie. Daisy was easy to housebreak and ownes the whole basement level. She plays outside for over an hour everyday and the only time she is boarded is when I go out of town. I had Daisy spayed in September when she was six months old and starting to make a nest outside for she and her beloved Rudy (a male Yorkie)! Daisy is not a chewer, but she loves to bring a branch in the house on her way in from the outside. Is Daisy special, I think so!

kayla - 2004-12-27
Mini lops are the most adorable bunnies out there. Besides their cuteness, they are wonderful pets and they are very snuggly. I have two and they are brother and sister, and they are my "snugglebunnies".