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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Kia - 2005-02-24
I have a mini lop and she is so cute. She eats hay and plays all day. Okay, Kia

Tonya Sonntog - 2005-02-15
We love our mini lop Jake. He is two years old and he lives in the house with us. He is litter trained and loves to ride in the car and walk on a leash. He thinks he is a dog. His best friend other than me (his mom) is our cairn terrier Kirby.

catherine - 2005-02-14
i got a mini lob named tushy about 3 months ago and i cant imagine life without him. i had a dwarf rabbit a number of years ago and she tended to keep to herself alot more than my mini lop. its seems to me that my mini lop actually enjoys spending time with me. if i am laying on the floor he will hop up next to my head and place his nose under mine and just lay there with me until i move. he really loves being affectionate and has never even considered biting. if you are a first time owner i would suggest to get a mini lop.

Cecilia - 2005-02-13
we just got our second rabbit Barley. he is a mini lop. he is much more passive than our other rabbit who is a Rex. he is such a sweet boy. everything he does is so cute. he looks like a stuffed animal.

Howard - 2005-02-09
These Mini Lop Bunnies are absolutely the only bunny a person should get if they have never kept rabbits before. They have the best temperment! BAR NONE! In my opinion they have the calmist temperment and are cxtremely loyal! Mine is 12 weeks old and is already litter trained. I would take another mini lop over a cat ANYTIME! as they have much more PERSONALITY and are very funny to watch and play with.


A reformed cat lover.
and New Bunny Lover.

Katie - 2005-02-02
Hi, my baby mini lop is so cute. she is always so understanding and I love talking to her about my problems.
I was once upset so I took her out her hutch for a cuddle. its like she new I was sad cause she tucked her self under my arm and started licking me until I fell a sleep. she replys to (baby) (ROO,
and can do variuos things like jump up("UP ROO"), climb on my shoulder, and "gentle now". I really recommend these lively little bundles of fluff to anyone who wants a long strong loving and caring relationship.

Katie - 2005-01-29
Mini lops are so sweet! If u were to get a bunny get a MINI LOP! They look like they have saddle bags as ears. Their so long and cute! If u have a indoor bunny put him on a leash and let him in the snow. They love it because they could live outside but its better indoors.

katie taylor - 2005-01-28
I have a 5 month old mini lop rabbit (orange) her name is roo and she is so cute! I think there is some really nice rabbit photos on here and who ever owns them is really lucky. Im sure roo would agree just the same!

Sarah - 2005-01-28
I had a gorgeous black tan called toffe. he and I were made for each other. he was alway so loveable and gentle. unfortunately he died of old age. He was 8 years old and died in my arms. I will never forget that liitle animal!

laura webb - 2005-01-22
i am 13 and just got a mini lop for my birthday. they are so easy to house train and are really good if you have children who want a rabbit they can play with. if you only have one you will need to give it more attention than if you have 2. if you get two and dont want to breed them, get girls as boys can fight. these bunnies are the best
love laura xxx