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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Jenny - 2005-05-07
i really want 2 get a mini lop! they look so friendly and cute!

kelsey - 2005-04-29
I have had a great time owning a mini lopped eared bunny! The are great for children and they are very loving. Somtimes tulip, my bunny chears me up. I dont know what life would be like without her. She is my baby. I am 13 years old and I encourage you to get a bunny today.

Erika Rowe - 2005-04-29
Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say i bought a 10 week old mini lop-eared bunny today and i cant believe how sweet they are. I have never had a mini lop-eared before, but i couldnt resist her in the shop. I hope you guys are getting on well with your little ones. Take care xx

Jennifer Frosch - 2005-04-28
I bought my brown mimi lop, Charlie, from a pet shop in April 1995.
At that time I was told he was approximately 6 months old.
I cannot tell you the love and joy my family has gotten from Charlie for these passed 10 years. Yes, 10 YEARS! Charlie just died 4/26/05 of kidney failure.
He was litterbox trained, and eventually stopped chewing household things.
He had his own room, off our living room. His cage was kept there, but whenever we were home his cage was open.
He did not like to be picked up, but loved to be pet, especially on his head/ears.
If you are considering a mini lop as a pet - GO FOR IT!

Lucy - 2005-04-27
i own a mini lop rabbit. i named her honey. Every time when i hold on to her, she always licks my chest and my chin. When i take her to my friends house she will always stay close to me. Mini lops are so cute and fun to cuddle with.

stacey mezzer - 2005-04-26
hey my name is stacey and i have been breading rabbits for over 12 years now and i have never met a more loveable breed, ever. when you are feeling down and just want somthing to cuddle its there. i would recommend this to small children of all ages. this pet is all so great if your not that keen on rabbits

macala - 2005-04-26
rabbit are a lot of fun

Chris and Helen - 2005-04-26
We have a 1 year old Holland Lop named Luna who we purchased from a breeder and a 1 year old mixed Lop/something else named Luke who we adopted afterward. Both are fixed and we like most other non-breeding rabbit owners, cannot stress enough the importance of spaying or neutering your rabbits. Our little girl is about 7 lbs while Luke is only about 4 or 5. They have such unique personalities. Luke is quiet and reserved while Luna is very outgoing and comparatively brave. We learned long ago that when Luna looks lovingly into your eyes, she is not after your affection as much as what treat you might produce. Luna often takes food out of Luke

Gemma - 2005-04-25
I have owned rabbits for years, but recently i bought a mini lop at 8 weeks old. I have never owned such a confident and cuddly rabbit, i would recommend them to anyone.

emz - 2005-04-24
i have one 2 its the best ever!