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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Sarah - 2005-05-30
We just got a mini lop a week and a half ago and his name is ZORRO. He is white and black. Although they are so cute he seems to be very afraid of people. He's already bitten almost everyone in our house.

melony - 2005-05-30
I have a Mini Lop and he's so adorable. He doesnt like to be petted to much. He nips at our legs and arms a lot also. People say they are friendly towards kids- i guess i just dont understand..

Amber - 2005-05-29
i have a mini lop and his name is bugs he is soo cute. he likes to lay flat when he wants to be petted. he loves to eat alot of different things his favorite thing is cereal. i love my bugs bunny.

Holly - 2005-05-29
i got a new mini lop today called max! he is the most gorgeous friendly and cuddly rabbit! i love him already! xXx

Morgan - 2005-05-28
I got a mini lop named honey bunny.She is so cute and cuddly.

Laura - 2005-05-12
im getting a mini lop soon and i am really lookind 4ward to it

Holly - 2005-05-11
I have a mini lop called coni she is pregnant

Megan - 2005-05-11
I have raised mini lops for over 8 years now, and they are the most wonderful rabbits I have ever owned. I have had my one rabbit since I was in 4th grade (I am now in 10th) and he is the most loveable pet I have ever had. I highly suggest getting a mini lop for a first rabbit. I also recommend males, because of their less aggressive personalities, but if you are wanting to get into breeding, females can be taught to be nice too.

Arian Pal - 2005-05-10
I have a mini lop named Buttercup. She is so adorable! I love her more than life it-self. She has been my 4-H project for 3 years now and she is still very special. I just wanted to point out to people that a mini lop rabbit is one of the most fun and enjoyable pets that you will ever own. And plus, that are so easy to take care of and so fun to play with. I know alot about these rabbits on account they have been my major in 4-H for 3 years.

halyie - 2005-05-08
I am getting a mini lop today, more later