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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Wendy - 2005-06-30
I have two mini-lop rabbits. both two years old. I love them to death, but they fight. so sadly I have to seperate them..Their names are Candy, and Sugar. the sweetest bunnies you'll find!

Brianna - 2005-06-29
i just got two mini lop's and they are great! these are my first rabbits and i love them. they are not even a year old yet but they are kinda big. i noticed that when i first got them they were really afraid, but now i bring them fresh greens and baby carrots, now they are more gentle and arent afraid of anyone! there names a Gunpower, boy, and Ice, Girl. i hope to breed them!

Anonymous - 2005-06-28
I have a 3 1/2 year old holland lop, Benny who weighs 3 1/2 lbs and a 2 year old mini lop, Ling Ling who weighs 10 lbs! They are free roaming and the best pet ever. No smell and they potty trained themselves very quickly. They are best friends and very lovable, snuggable with me. Ling Ling will push my hand up when she wants attention. Good job on your website.

kieran - 2005-06-21
i have a dwarf mini lop and it is quite a nice rabbit, but it doesnt like being picked up. when you go to pick it up it tries biting. but other than that it is a nice rabbit. it is 8 weeks old, so thats why i think it bites. it is a white colour and is quite fast. this website has good info about all types of bunnys.

Marla - 2005-06-21
My little bunny is the light of my life. I lost my mother in a car accident Sept. 30, 2003. She was and is my best friend and greatest love..... she was the light of our whole family. On Nov. 4, 2004 when the sadness was still too much to bear I brought home a one pound bundle of complete joy. Now at almost seven pounds, my bunny is full of life and energy and leaps and bounds around the house and the yard. In the morning she jumps on the bed and licks my cheeks to wake me up. In the process of nurturing her.... which included taking her with me almost everywhere for the first six months...... allowing her complete freedom in the house with open cages in several rooms where thankfully she uses the litter boxes, she has helped to heal me from an unimaginable grief. I treat this beautiful snow white bunny with huge brown eyes the way my parents treated me. She has developed into a kind and gentle and empathetic creature who senses my moods and brings so much joy into my life. I'm allergic to every known animal but miraculously not my rabbit and so I think she was brought to me and I am thankful.

sydney - 2005-06-21
I have a mini lop and a tortoise dutch. My mini lop's name is Rain.My dutch bunny's name is Pepperoni Pizza.

miranda - 2005-06-19
I currently do not own any Mini Lops but My sister and I use to breed them when we were younger. Each bunny had a different unique personality, but they were all very friendly and lovable. The memmory of raising the bunnies is one of my fondest. Do research before you buy any animal, but if you are sure you want a rabbit as a pet I highly recommend getting a mini lop.

Anonymous - 2005-06-18
Hi my name is jacqui. I have an 8 week old mini lop cross. My rabbit is a boy, his name is Avalanche. Avalanche loves cuddles and finding an adventure. He adores broccoli and beans. he will do anything for one. He also loves running around in my backyard and sometimes hides under the car. He loves also being groomed. He is by far the best bunny EVER!!!

Anonymous - 2005-06-15
Mini Lops are simply the best breed of rabbit out there. Most are calm, have a nice temperment, adorable, *soft*, playful, like to cuddle:), loving, etc. I love them and have owned 2 black and white Mini Lops in the past. Unfortunantly, they are no longer with me...Scrappy Doo--November 1999-August 2nd, 2002...Scooby Doo--November 1999-June 14th,2005. I'm still crying :(
Sorry, anyways, I would recommend this breed to anyone, as long as they love them unconditionally and take care of them forever.

Anonymous - 2005-06-13
I have a mini lop breed and she is the best pet i ever had. She is the Cutest little thing and she loves to cuddle. I have owned her for almost 2 years and she is great. I am 12 years old and she is the easiest pet i have had to take care of. If you are not home during the day this is a great pet for you because they are nocternal. this is a great pet for anyone who wants a companion!