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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Ryan - 2006-06-20
I just got a mini lop yesterday he is about 2 pounds and 10 weeks old he is white with brown patches

Fara - 2006-06-19
I adopted my mini-lop "Cinna-Bun" when she was only 5 weeks old from the Humane Society last August. Cinna-Bun was the runt of her litter and had been abused (not fed and neglected) by the family who had her previously. When I adopted her, the Humane Society had begun to nurse her back to health, but she was clearly malnourished. She was an answer to my prayer, and I to hers. I prayed for something to love me unconditionally, and she needed the same.

She has added so much love and joy to my life! Her very sweet disposition and playful nature is so wonderful, and she fills my heart with such undescribable love. Having her in my life has saved me from many a lonely nights. Instead, I get to snuggle with my bunny while she covers me with kisses!

Anonymous - 2006-06-13
i think lops are so cute. i got one called floppsie when i was younger. she is quite old now but is still just as cuddly and kind tempered ALL THE TIME!
if you are thinking of getting a rabbit get a mini lop. they are the ideal pet for children from about the age of six. even for adults they are ideal. also get info about how to care for it, not just on this website but on
if you are getting one then congratulations and HAVE FUN
but be willing to take care of him/her well.

melissa wells - 2006-06-13

I have had a mini floppy eared bunny for about five months and i just love her very much. her name is lilly, she is all black.

She is so funny to watch play with her toys .

I got her for my children for valentines day but i am more close to her then they are. i believe she knows who i am because if i just walk by her cage she starts to get excited. She reminds me of a dog when they are happy to see you and wants to be petted.

Mergan - 2006-06-13
I loathe that this page states a lop "makes a great pet for children" because rabbits are NOT GOOD pets for children what-so-ever! Kids love to be able to handle their pets, touch them all over, pick them or lead them around, but a rabbit is not this type of pet. It is not the type of pet you can keep locked up in cage either!

It is websites like this that are at the top of google searches that give parents the great idea to get their child a little bunny as a starter pet. Rabbits are not starter pets and many people are not ready to take on the responsibility of a rabbit in their home which results in the rabbit being neglected or given to the humane society to deal with.

I wish you wouldn't claim that any sort of rabbit makes a great pet for children because that is the last idea you should want to give anyone if you really love rabbits.

Brianna - 2006-06-05
I have a lop bunny but I'm not sure what kind. he's so cuddly and licks like a cat. he runs outside and I just love him to death. he doesn't bite so he's perfect. i love him! BENIE is his name.

Brandi - 2006-05-31
My son just got a mini lop bunny last week...She is the funniest thing I have watched... She gets out and hops through my house and the kids are so carefull where they step and tell the adults to watch their steps as well... I love to sit back and watch her relax in her cage... I'm a new owner of a mini lop and I'm loving every minute of it...This is also my first time ever owning a bunny as well but i think she is becoming more my bunny then the kids.. I sit her on the top part of my belly and rock her in the rocking chair... she loves that....

Ellora - 2006-05-17
The cutest pet ive had!!So huggable and cuddly!My rabbit is a tortiseshell doe who has five litters of kits/kittens!:)

Danielle Bash - 2006-05-10
Mini Lops are so cute!!! I just love their ears. There ears make them look different from the regular wild rabbit. I just love Mini Lops and I hope to own one sometime soon. If I do get one I am going to name it Oreo and it will be black and white. I love Minni Lops!!!

Love your Mini Lop lover,
Danielle B.

Brooke - 2006-05-09
Hi, I've had a mini lop for about a year and I love her to bits! She is playful and very territorial (which makes her even more adorable). she loves to fight with our hand when we fill her food bowl. I have taken her for walks and she is actually getting use to doing so, she also likes being held like a baby. She is the most adorable bunny I have ever seen, shes great with children, and her name is muffin! How adorable is that?