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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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alexia - 2006-07-14
I have two mini lopsm ones a boy called pirate and the other ones called sooty. Sootys a girl. pirate was $10.00 off trademe. The lady we got pirate from was a rabbit breeder. pirate is 5, nearly 6 months old. sooty was $46.00 from petworld in the glenfield mall in glenfield north shore auckland. Yesterday my rabbits had to have their shots for a cold that could kill them in 24 hours. I had another rabbit, chocolate, but he got attacked by a brown and white pitball cross staffie at 1:30 in the morning. They are all mini lops.

thanks for reading, alexia (but my friends call me waffle)

Laura - 2006-07-13
Winnie, our 1 and a half year old mini lop, is loved by the whole family. She is an adorable gray and white rabbit with a very large scruff around her neck. If you are getting a rabbit or just got one we learned on Winnie that if you start her with pellet food from when she is little and then add about a cup over seeds or mixed dried fruit treat, they will not be picky and eat both the pellets and seeds. Also the best thing about minilops (other than being the sweetest little animals.) is that they potty train there selves right away. But it helps them get potty trained faster if you stick some of their feces in the litter and they'll start getting used to knowing that's where they are supposed to go.

Sarah - 2006-07-06
I have a mini lop. My boyfriend bought her from a pet shop. Unlike most of the other stories, she hates being held and does not cuddle. She has potty trained herself which is great! I did not know that mini lops are known to do that. she is quite picky with her food as well. She loves treats, carrots, but does not like pellet food and corn. She also does not like salt tablets.

Mikayla - 2006-06-30
I have a mini lop named pluto. he is white and brown and 12 weeks old. he loves to run around the basement. he is one of the softest bunnies i have ever felt. he is so adorably cute, i love him. we have had him for 2 great weeks.

lizzie - 2006-06-29
My mini lop had surgery today. I swear I was so nervous about it. I have had him for 6 months. I got him for a therapy pet because i was suffering severely from my godfathers 13 year battle with brain cancer that had ended. As a young child i needed something to love. He is my shadow and i will miss him following me because he has to recover in his cage. This is truly a great site!

Anonymous - 2006-06-28
I have an ADORABLE Mini Lop named Kiki, (She's around a year and a half old), who is the sweetest thing in the world! She adores being petted and will lay down next to you to receive attention whenever she can. Kiki also loves to cuddle, so long as she's not off the ground. We successfully litter trained her in less than two weeks and I would recommend a Mini Lop to adults and responsible children over the age of twelve.

Danielle - 2006-06-28
My mom and grandma got me a rabbit for christmas and she was so sweet and cute at the time, but now she has like mood swings and sometimes she will be sweet and let you hold her but other times she scratches you and bites you and won't even let you touch her. Maybe that will change. Her name is Chloe and she is about 9 months. She is a beautiful tourtis shell mini lop rabbit and hopefully she is just going through a stage in her life maybe it will get better.

Hannah - 2006-06-28
Mini lops rock man.I'm getting one in 9 days. Its been the longest days of my life.

lizzie - 2006-06-28
I have a young mini lop. He is really cute and very sweet! I highly recommend them as a first pet. Although they give more back more than they receive, I would make sure you are willing to spay or neauter your rabbit. It will make them happier and healthier. my rabbit is getting this surgery tommorrow. Remember, these bundles of joy come with a small price to pay!

Mags - 2006-06-27
I bought a mini lop for my best friend for Christmas, but I fell in love with it and kept it myself! (I did end up buying her another bunny though, a lionhead) My lop is a black and white doe named Bunny Lebowski. We let her have run of the house in the evenings and she's only had "accidents" I think two times in her whole life. She loves to follow my boyfriend around and will hop right into her cage when he tells her its time to "go home." And if we're up on the couch and we pat the cushion next to us, she hops right up like a dog. I hope to buy another lop sometime when I have the money. She lives with one of my five guinea pigs and they are pals.