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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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unknown - 2006-10-23
I have a lop and he is so adorable. He was really easy to litter train. He was trained in like 2 days of coming home. I would really suggest a lop because they are so friendly!

Laura - 2006-10-17
im getting a rabbit this week and this website gives me alot of information on how to look after my rabbit

cg - 2006-10-10
HI i got a lovely black and white rabbit free from trademe its so adorable im going to call him Sachiel it means angel of water i love that name so dont copy it! there was also a free guinea pig in the north island of nz its so cute with scruffy hair.

nicole - 2006-09-26
HI. im getting a little bunny, its a black female, its the cutest little thing ive ever seen. im calling her Abbey. i think they are the best pets ever, if your thinking about getting a pet get a mini lop eared rabbit. they are the BEST!

Lorin Flint - 2006-09-23
Hi! its me again! I am going to get another rabbit! I know it is not a minilop... but I hope Rory likes company!

Chelsea e - 2006-09-03
i have a minilop and he is the nice's thing ever. His name is Oreo
i love him so much, he the cutest nicest thing ever. My friend has a rex and it scratchs so much. My minilop doesn't scratch at all, its a big difference. Everyone who sees my bunny says "ooh can i hold him". Everyones who sees him falls in love with him.

kelsey - 2006-08-28
i have a mini lop and her name is Angel. she is all white except her ears, they are grey, also around her eyes are grey. she is very cuddley and playful. she loves playing with toilet paper rolls.

Lorin Flint - 2006-08-26
Hi my name is lorin. I just got a mini lop for my birthday, and his name is Rory, that is short for Rorshock. Rory sort of looks like the black and white mini lop in the picture. He LOVES to cuddle!

Anonymous - 2006-08-25
i have a mini lop and i would definitely recommend them, because my rabbit is mellow!

Virginia - 2006-08-21
Hi i got am english lop long ago when he was 12 weeks old, now he is nearly 1. we give him loads of things.hes called floppy. hes got a black patch on one eye. he knows how to be litter trained and to climb stairs. well, every body keep sending your commments and say to the world rabbits are the best, you get a reward. floppy says keep up.