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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Amanda - 2007-01-25
My mini lop, Cashmere, is the sweetest little thing I have ever met in my life! He lights up my day and is very adventurous. He loves attention and is warm and fuzzy (haha)! I love him to death and I highly recommend mini lops as the perfect pet! (-:

Lisa - 2007-01-22
I have a mini lop that every time you open his cage he will either jump out of his cage at you or not touch his food until i have petted him or held him. his name is Tazz-manian Devil. But he is my baby. i have had him since he was 2 months old. when i show him at the fair he will not come up to the front of the cage to let anyone pet him unless i am around.

corey - 2007-01-14
I just got a mini lop in september of 2006 and he's the best. his name is flop of all names. my brother got a holland lop at the same time, and now my rabbit is the most playful and the most calm. He never nips at us or anything and he is willing to play anytime of the day

Karen - 2007-01-11
We got "Elvis" in April of 2006 when he was just 6 weeks old. I have loved bunnies my whole life and always said I would get one when I was in the right position to have a pet. Well I totally wasn't .... but when I saw Elvis (and I've seen LOTS of bunnies) I couldn't walk away. I was with my boyfriend and even though he thought I was crazy I took him home then and there. We drove home the 2.5 hours and he sat on my lap in the car and was very good...didn't pee. My boyfriend didn't think bunnies were good pets but he changed his mind within minutes...Elvis stole his heart shortly after we adopted him. Now he's almost a year old. I've never been so in love before! He's very smart, mischevious and loving. He has surprised everyone who meets him and stolen many hearts. I can't even begin to recount the funny stories and things he does. One thing I can say is he is a survivor. His neutering surgery didn't go very well and got infected and he was irritated and started biting and scratching at the wound. One day we came home and he was nearly shock, with blood all over his little nose and his wound was wide open. My boyfriends mom and Aunt were visiting at the time and when I saw my little guy like this I also went into a state of shock. I just picked him up and held him to me and started to cry uncontrollably while he shook on my chest. Our guests were also in tears with me. It was sunday so the vet was closed and the closest emergency vet was an hours drive away. We wrapped him in a towel and rushed him to the pet hospital in Squamish, B.C. where a very kind lady vet was to rescue him. She called me that evening to tell me he came out of surgery and seemed ok and that all he wanted to do was cuddle (this is Elvis). It would be a week with medicine, a lampshade on his head, and lots of love and patience before we knew if he would make it, but he's okay. He's gained a pound since all that and he's super happy and healthy. I would do anything for him and he's worth every penny and ounce of trouble. I don't even mind when he chews things I forget to put away.

Anonymous - 2007-01-04
I have a lop. I got him in August of 2006. He is the cutest little guy you have ever seen. His name is Binky. I never really thought about getting a bunny until two of my friends starting talking about them all the time which made me want one after hearing all about them. I love my bunny. To anyone who's looking into getting a pet,I 100% SUGGEST A RABBIT! THEY ARE SO CUTE AND FRIENDLY!

Ginger - 2006-12-23
I have just adopted a lop over the summer on impulse. I have two guinea pigs and have never imagined ever getting a bunny nor have I planned it. I must say that it is the best decision that I have ever made! My bunny Rocket is rather large and is the biggest teddy bear! Although I was never given the opportunity for him to lick (kiss) me yet (and yes they really do give kisses-and when they do you are officially trusted and considered in their warden), when I do say "kisses" to him he will lift his head up so I can give him kisses. He shakes his head when he is happy. He is 100% litter box trained. He plays in his cage like crazy, almost like playing "I'm going to get cha". When he is total bliss, he will lay turn on his back and side, and just look into the air. He also hops (very high), and races around the room. He almost reminds me of a little puppy! It almost shocks me how lops can be this way sometimes! Although they are very quiet animals and never really talk (unless you make them mad somehow), it is so wonderful how you learn to communicate with them just by their body language. Lops and rabbits combined are so full of joy, and I will guarantee if anyone reads this over curiosity of ever getting a bunny my suggestion to them would be to absolutely do it and I guarantee that you will not be sorry you did. They are VERY clean. VERY trainable. VERY enjoyable to watch. VERY loving, and VERY smart. They also have a decent life span.

Holly - 2006-12-06
I got my very first pet ever June 2001. I names her 'Baby Bailey'. She was the most adorable, grey mini lop rabbit in the pet store in the mall. She was only $10 and I spent hundreds on accessories. She had a 3 story super pet cage, newborn baby rattles, toys, boxes, balls and an entire room gates off to roam all the time. She only went in the cage to eat, drink and mess and sometimes sleep. She brought me happiness and joy that I have never ever experienced in my life! Days before Thanksgiving, she had a 'tilt head experience' that happened only 2 times that I saw. Put on ear drops for outer ear infection and did great. Friday after Thanksgiving, she started breathing heavily, rapidly, coughed and sneezed. I couldn't take to see her that way. I prayed to God to take her Sunday as no vet could see her the whole weekend 'no experience'. I told Bailey "don't hang on for me, just call out to me and I will be here for you if you need me, I will be sleeping on the couch. I slept on the floor Saturday night and she stayed by me or under the Christmas Tree. I took pictures of her and I. I sensed that this was it. Sunday came and I slept by the gate on the couch 2 feet away. At 1 am I heard this unGodly cry I will never forget. I whipped open the gate and picked her up slowly still crying for me. She weighed heavily and was limp. She was on her side. She hit the gate with her feet I assume to wake me. I asked for her to die in my arms, and I got my wish. I felt her little heart beat 3 times ever so slowly and her mouth relaxed and head went back. I let out a cry for God to hear me and screamed why. I got my prayers answered, but wasn't ready. I knew, but regretted it. I slept with her on my chest for 5 hours all night and couldn't put her down. I kept her warm and so did she 'she pee'd on me and I didn't know it'. We immediately went to the vet and they had no clue she passed. I wrapped her in a white blanket, put her in her maroon foam bed and gave her a Christmas Pillow with her name on it and her toys. That is how she is buried in Angel View Animal Cemetary in Masshusetts. She was my first, last and only pet I ever had. I am thankful for her spunk, jumps, kicks, buying her greens and everything about her. It is very hard. I still look for her, yearn for her and want to hold her. She let me cradle her in a blanket all the time and just sat and looked at me. I can't wait to meet her once again! Rest well, and be free as someday you will meet me! Minilops are the most loving, kind and gentle souls you could ever invest in! She was my 'suppah-poopah'.

michelle - 2006-11-22
We just brought home a mini lop for our Netherland Dwarf bunny who just lost his brother. Colt lost his brother Remington and he was so sad looking. We got BB and after a couple of days they were friends. She is a handful and full of energy. She is about 3 months old, Colt is over 5 years old. They now share a cage and lay next to each other while out playing. It is good to see Colt has another warm bunny to be close to. The mini lop I think will get along with other breeds of rabbits just fine, as our experience has proved.

Reply - 2006-11-08
im thinking of getting 4 mini lops to breed. i have been looking at all different breeds of rabbit and already have mini rex, but i just keep coming back to the mini lop! they are so adorable and dont have big heads like the french lop, so i dont need to worrie about the baby getting stuck. they are just so cute and have great persanalaties...most of them. you have to remember that every rabbit has its own persanality and you need to give a new rabbit at least 1 week before you judge how nice or mean it is. rabbits are like little kids...and some adults too. When a visitor is at your house they will be on their best behavior...or maybe their worst. i just cannot say anything bad about them; easy to groom, very cute, great personalities, easy to breed, almost all colors are recognized so i dont need to worry about breeding the right color, etc., etc.

Bobby - 2006-10-31
I have a mini lop that looks just like the black and white one in the picture. His name is funny bunny because he is a blast. Watching him run around the house is hilarious. It only took about 3 days and he was house trained. If I knew rabbits were so much fun to have around I would have gotten one sooner.