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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Ginny - 2007-04-08
Everyone says mini lops are cuddly yet ours, a neutered male, hates to be picked up and held and will do whatever it takes to get out of your arms! He's adorable and we love him, he has become the center of the family, but gee, no cuddling here. Just thought I'd let folks know they aren't all cuddly.

Father of 7 kinds, 1 cat, 1 hamster and 4 bunnies. - 2007-03-30
We just (last weekend) got two mini lops and two dutch dwarfs. The lops are just so very loveable. Within a day the one that is my wife's would come striaght to her as soon as the cage was opened.

mark - 2007-03-27
In August of 2006, one Friday night my girlfriend and I saw a black object in my yard when we returned home from dinner. It was a lop-eared rabbit. She tried to capture him, but it wouldn't let her pick it up. The next night she went out front to see if it was back. Sure enough, it was. This time she grabbed it and put it in my stockade fenced back yard. The next morning we were awakened early by the neighbor's barking dog. We saw that the rabbit tried to escape under the fence and got stuck. Fortunately, the dog didn't attack it, so we got him "un-stuck" and chased him into the flowerbed. It remained there, so we bought a small cage and got him to hop into it. We brought it inside and fed and watered it because it was 110 degrees outside. I looked in its ear and found that it was tatooed. We decided to keep it and took it to the vet for an exam. The vet said "he" was a show-quality rabbit. We had him neutered. He is now our pet and lives inside my house inside a multi-level cage. He is litter box trained and very affectionate. We named him Jake.

Tot - 2007-03-24
Me and my sister have two rabbits. we have enjoyed reading and looking at so many different animals. We have also enjoyed finding out what bred our rabbits are, and helping us understand more about our rabbits. great website.

Mrs.N. Culverhouse - 2007-03-11

My daughters have a mini-lop bunny that is very cute and cuddly.
We have had her two years and her name is Tammy, her sister Doris
died recently so on the vet's advice we are getting another mini
-lop to keep Tammy company as she is getting lonely. We love these
breed of bunnies because they are just the right size for children
to manage and are very affectionate.

Andrea Smith - 2007-03-03
My mini-lop isn't too mini. Her name is Sophie and she's over 8 pounds! She's bigger than my other two rabbits combined. She's the prettiest tan and gray. She just had her 1st birthday in January. I put a number 1 birthday candle in her dish of pellets and took her picture next to it. I take pictures of all my rabbits on their birthdays and on Easter too. Sophie is one of the friendliest bunnies I've ever had. She loves jumping up in my lap. Unfortunately, she enjoys chewing holes in my clothes way too much. I tell her not to do it, but like most bunnies, she doesn't listen very well. I'd much rather have her bunny kisses. There's nothing better than bunny kisses, is there?! She's so cute!!

Rachel - 2007-02-27
I recently put in a comment regarding my new addition to the family - vinny - hes sooo friendly and comes to me already when i call him. (had it about 2wks) im hoping he'll stay like this. ive fallen in love with him.

Rachel Wilton - 2007-02-23
I got an agouti mini lop buck last week and we've named him vinny -hes beautiful. I've decided to keep him indoors, i dont lke the thought of him being left outside - especially with our cold weather in England.
I handle him every day which is so important and i did plenty of research before buying him. I got him from a brc breeder and she was fantastic with advice etc.
I had guinea pigs which are supposed to be fantastic pets but all they did was nip! despite careful every day handling and books etc.
People tried to deter me from getting a rabbit as they said they dont make nice pets especially as i have a 5yr old girl and a two yr old. But neither would a dog or cat really, and the goldfish although shes lovely, we cant stroke her and give her a cuddle!

joe - 2007-02-17
I love my mini lop! Her name is Tinker Bell and she is the best pet ever. She is a very social bunny and loves attention. Her favorite is being petted behind her ears. She also likes laying on me. Also, sometimes she randomly starts jumping up and down. She is the greatest pet and I'd recommend getting a mini lop to anyone!

Monica - 2007-01-31
We got my mini lop home and he was really good, we got him litter box trained and everything. but now he wants to stop being a mini lop, he likes running around with his ears up. I am sad about that!