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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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mariely - 2007-05-28
i have a lop-ear rabbit named cookiedough. He is very loveable and he jumps up and clicks his back heels together like an irish person when hes very happy. he loves to chase me back and forth when he is bored. sometimes he likes to watch tv with me his favorite show is c.s.i miami! (very cute)

K N First - 2007-05-24
I have two mini lops and they have made my 4-H adventure an awesome one. They are very easy to breed and the babies stay very small even after I weaned them. They sell very very well. My two older rabbits still jump around and play like they are babies. If you are not sure about getting rabbits for yourself or your children, all rabbits are easy to care for and easy to love.

Anonymous - 2007-05-13
I just got two mini lops for my birthday and they are adorable and very sweet. I recommend this kind of rabbit for a loveable pet!

Alyssa - 2007-05-07
I had a mini lop. She was little as a small bunny but did get bigger than we expected, but we think it was because of the amount of food we fed her. She was an excellent pet, GREAT with kids, visitors, ect. Loved being petted and never bit anyone, ever! Not bad with baths either. Watch what you feed then, too much carrots/salad foods can lead to messy cages and smelly bunnies :/
Mini lops are really excellent pets and I highly recomend them =]
Alyssa (13)

Bri - 2007-05-02
oh i just got one it is white. i love her, her name is snowball.

jordan harp - 2007-04-26
mini lops rock, they are so cute and fluffy. i like to PLAY with them! lol

Sarah - 2007-04-25
these rabbits are so cool. they are litter boxed trained and sweet and cuddley

Antoinette - 2007-04-24
I have had my mini lop for 6 days. The litterbox training is going well except late at night for some reason. He does well all day and at night will go outside the litterbox but only in designated areas which I believe he has marked as his areas. The rest of the room is our shared space and an area that is his private space. These areas are not soiled. He is very playful. I am glad I made the decision to get him. He does not like to cuddle but loves to play. If I am on the floor with him he will stay around me and play. When I am up in the bed he runs really fast and flips all about. He is fun to watch. I bought a leash but I am not comfortable with using it I will try it out later.

ROSIE - 2007-04-09
I just recently bought a dwarf lop baby. She is extremely friendly and just after one week her charcter has blossomed and she is a very funny and interesting pet. However she became very lonely, even though we had her out to play twice a day and she is kept in doors. we managed to find a mini lop bunny she is currently the same size and the same age. Again a very nice friendly bunny, not as out going yet but has a lovely temperament. It is really funny to see how the dwarf has reacted, she was very exciteable and protective over the mini lop and now they have become really close, I have noticed a difference in her almost straight away as she no longer mopes around in her hutch. After just a day they got on like a house on fire, and are seen cuddling up together all the time. I strongly recommend getting two rabbits (the same sex) as companions as they do become lonely. Our bunnies are now over the moon with each other.

JIMMY JOE - 2007-04-08
this is one of the best rabbits i have gotten. they are so loveable and easy to hamdle. they are the best pets.