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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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KATHERINE - 2007-07-23
I have a mini lop named Whitney that is white. She is litter box trained and I love her. She is my first rabbit to own myself, but she is really adorable and is pretty easy to show at the fair and such. I love playing with her and she enjoys taking walks and relaxing. She is the ideal rabbit for first time bunny owners.

Holly - 2007-07-16
i have had my mini lop molly for almost a year. she is the most personable rabbit ive ever come in contact with. mini lops make wonderful mothers and great companions. although she has an attitude problem but its expected when she has 5 babies lol. she is opal and produced some lovely babies such as 2 agouti, 1 opal/fawn, 1 broken white/orange, and one black and grey. they make wonderful pets and i hope everyone in their lifetime will get to experience the love a rabbit can bring into your life

Sarah - 2007-07-08
my bun Socrates is the friendliest bunny i've ever met! he enjoys being held, petted, and cuddled by anybody! He even gets along great with my cats!

bb - 2007-07-02
i have a male bunny named bun buns. he is soo cute and playful. he loves to go in cardbord boxes and he also likes eating carrots. he is fawn and white and loves the outdoors!

Meg - 2007-06-14
i have a really cut girl lop (snowball). she is a broken color and loves my family with all her heart. she gets along great with my lab, as well with other pets. i highly recommend getting a lop! i plan on getting a new girl soon, lops are great rabbits and really friendly tawards children!
-megan T.X.

Jo - 2007-06-13
I'v had my little Mimzy for about a week and she has been quite a hand full, but i still love her anyway. Yesterday she bit my toe, it didn't hurt though. I guess she thought it tasted good. The thing i like the most is that she is the only animal that licks me Besides my dogs. I have 2 dogs but thats besides the point. thats all.

Austin (or) Daddy to: 2 dogs, 1 fish, and 2 Mini Lop Bunnies! - 2007-06-09
I have two Mini Lops, both 3 months old: Flopsy, grey and white, and Thumper, black and white. It is amazing how much personality these rabbits have. Flopsy thinks being held is okay, but would rather be running and hopping around. He can jump so high. Thumper is content just to lay on his back in your arms like a baby. Most of the time, Flopsy acts like he doesn't want floppy ears, because his ears are usually both straight, lying on his back. Thumper seems like he can't decide whether floppy or straight ears are better, and can usually be seen with one ear up and one ear down! :)
If you are looking at this website to decide yes or no to a bunny, say YES to a MINI LOP. I have had two Mini Rex, and both died: one in less than a week, one is less than a month. Mini Rex are cute, but die easily. I would highly recommend Mini Lops!!

Helen - 2007-06-09
Hi We have a Black Mini Lop called 'Pepsi-Max'. He is 2 years old and his home is a large shed with a large outside run attached. He loves playing, jumping on boxes, and going through tunnels. Pepsi-Max has a lovely nature, he runs up to you if you call him. Today we went to our local animal re-homing shelter and bought a female English Rabbit so that he will have company. Both Rabbits have been spayed so we will begin the bonding process in two weeks time. Her name is 'Meamo' and at the moment she is living in a large hutch inside Pepsi-Maxs' shed. We are hoping over the next two weeks they will get used to each over before we start the face to face bonding! Rabbits are very social animals and need stimulation so please please do not leave your rabbit in a hutch all day with out any attention! Love 2 you all, The Thompson Family

Laura - 2007-05-30
My bunny, Winnie, just turned 2 (on May 18th) and she's the most adorable thing. We trained her in her litter box very early and we made her a very large hutch and she lives outside. She seems to do fairly well in the colder weather and seems a bit hot during the summer (doesn't get too hot here in Washington though.). We have tried giving her frozen water bottles which she bit through. She has a very unique personality and loves to play outside. She will binky (when bunnies jump up in the air and do a little jerking movement) all the time and will dig and roll and is sooo cute. She is a White rabbit with gray spots and is adorable.

Nikki - 2007-05-28
I've had my mini-lop for two days now and already i feel i know it so much! I've been holding him a lot and he doesnt seem to mind! He is a very laid back bunny.