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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Ruth - 2007-09-11
I just got a black mini lop yesterday (my dwarf Polish rabbit, Charlie, died a while back, and I was missing a little long-eared companion), and he's the friendliest rabbit I've ever seen. He's appropriately named Jordan (this bunny can jump!), and apparently, he likes to chase my cats.

Shawnee - 2007-08-23
I have a 6 week old mini lop whom I've called Houdini, after the famous magician. Why? Because he finds that escaping from his cage and waking me up at 2:00 am a wonderful past time. He was able to escape his cage on the first day so we attached long beach towels to the sides and tucked the ends underneath the cage bottom. He still managed to escape and I found him zipping around under my bed at 3:00 am. He's really cute and very friendly. And his favourite thing has to be, without a doubt, a small wicker basket that we had for my last rabbit Scooter. If ever he escapes, he tries to find his basket and he stays in there waiting for me to find him. I found him like that once when my dad and I came home from delivering a paper route. He was sitting in his basket beside my bed, staring at the door. Mini Lops are just so cute and seem to be really really smart!

brock zaino - 2007-08-23
I have a mini lop. Her name is Honey and I love her dearly. I've had her for nearly a year. She has the funniest personality, running around in circles non-stop until the circle reaches where you are standing (it's a classic), also hopping around, then all of a sudden she does this great big leap like she is in the ballet, and she chases my hand around in circles so I will pat her nose. I have a doberman who is 6 years old and they love each other so much, Honey will follow
Sharni everywhere she goes. Even when Sharni is eating her biscuits she is right there. Sharni does not mind at all and Honey thinks she is a dog eating the dog biscuits. Also they snuggle in Sharni's bed, cutest thing ever. I have a cat that loves her, not to the extent that Sharni does, but will tolerate her. She hates bedtime. I keep her in my BBQ area which is enclosed so she has heaps of room to run around. She loves it and does that all day. At bedtime I make sure that her hutch is clean and I take
it inside (she sleeps inside). Now it is time to catch Honey! Well, she knows that it is time for bed, so it becomes a game to her. She thinks if I can't catch her she won't have to go to bed, so that takes me 10 minutes. Then I get kisses and she licks my neck, and that is Mummy's kisses. I love her dearly..

b.t. - 2007-08-22
i have a mini lop that is 2 months old. he's already litter box trained and hangs out in the house with my 1 1/2 year old boxer & my 4 year old 25 lb. maine coon cat. the three of them live peacefully in harmony! i also have a 7 year old son and they ALL get along GREAT! mini lops are the perfect pet, easy keepers and adapt well to others!

Lizzi - 2007-08-10
I have an adorable silver-grey Mini Lop named Jaklyn. She loves to be hugged and everyone in my family loves her!

Natalie .H - 2007-08-10
Hi, my name is Natalie. I received my lop for a surprise on my birthay.
Ever since she has been a wonderful, cute and sweet bunny, although she is sometimes jumpy when you pick her up! But other than that she is very explorative and curious. I take her for walks on nice days so she can get plenty of good excercise and roam free on the forest floor. I named her Madeline(Maddy for short) and her mouth/lips go orange when she eats her carrots. I clean her cage regularly and my dad built a great big bunny-run (out-door play-pen) where she can relax and graze without her harness! I love spending time with her and think if you want a rabbit- thats great! Just remember that you have to think about the responsiblilites for owning them, giving them all of your love, attension, and proper supplies (etc). I think its absolutely worth it all of the way.

Chelsey - 2007-08-09
Ive found that having lops as pets is perfect, but showing them is another story. A mini lop could be as calm as could be while practising at home, but freak out when in the spot light. I would greatly recommend them as pets, but not as show animals.

bekah - 2007-07-31
i have a 1 year old mini lop named angel, she is very friendly and i love her so much. Out of my 6 rabbits she is one of my sweetest bunnies. on her first litter she only had 3 that survived out of 7. we are thinkin of breeding her again or a different one

K Hansen - 2007-07-31
I took my daughter to the pet store on Sunday. I was a bit hesitant since we've tried to have fish, which have not had long lives in our home. She wanted a Gerbil, I was not too happy about that but we went to look, and we come home with a Mini Lop. My 9 year old daughter named her bunny Floppsie! She loves her new bunny! I am soo suprised at how much the bunny interacts with her. I'm very glad she chose the bunny! I enjoy her as much as she does!

Ginny - 2007-07-24
We adore our mini lop Oggy but I have to be honest, he hates being held or even picked up and if you try and play with him he can bite. We had him neutered to see if some of the aggression would go away. While he does try to get along with our two cats, one always hisses at him if he gets two feet from him, and the other is jealous of him but will on occasion sit with him or lick his head. I'm thinking about getting another one to be his friend and more interactive with us, but I'm not sure I dare when he has such a mean streak.