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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Joanna - 2007-11-17
My mini lop's name is Scooter Skeeter. He is the cutest bunny ever. Although hes always getting into things, especially trash and biting wires he shouldnt be, he's way too cute to get mad at. He loves anything Im eating. He eats a lot. One head of iceburg lettuce a day at least plus all his treats, which are anything that im eating. He also loves nuzzles on the nose. He lets me rub his nose for hours, then his eyes start to close like a cat laying out in the sun.

Lucy - 2007-11-13
My mini lop's name is Sally!! I love her so much! She's super clever and also manages to escape from her cage while I am sleeping. I've had sally for over a year now and she's great. However she's very spoiled, whenever I am eating something "sugarish" she starts scratching my feet like she's digging for something. Sally used to be very anti-social when i first got her, but she now loves humans. She loves for me to carry her like a baby and cuddle with her! After a long day at work or an intense final, I go to home and... SALLY MAKES MY DAY!

Joey - 2007-11-13
My mini lop's name is Oreo. He's a cute black and white lop. He was 7 weeks old when we got home on July 28, 2005 at the Porter County Fair 4-H in Valparaiso, IN. Now how old is he? I didn't bother to do the math but I think he is 3. He loves his Joey so much and he's my baby!

Karina - 2007-11-07
I have a Mini Lop, his name is Speedy because he is the fastest bunny in the world. He's even faster than my cat, which I think says a lot. He's a joy, so friendly that even people that don't like animals love him. He loves everyone, especially me and my dog Cosita. He enjoys giving us lots of kisses and cuddling with us while we watch TV. He also enjoys racing with my cat, Kitty, and playing with his toys. I never had a bunny before, now we can't imagine life without him. He likes to nibble a lot, he broke our leather couch, but he's so cute he got away with it, hehehe. Mini Lops are great pets!

Heather - 2007-11-07
I just got my lop bunny monday and i love it. His name is flopy because of his ears. I love it because it is very lovable and playful and it loves to be cuddled with.

Paula - 2007-10-30
i have two mini lop rabbits. One is 6 months old and she is called Bambi and the other is 8 weeks and she is called Pepper. Bambi used to bite me which i found to be unusual as the rabbits i had as a kid never bit me once, and I wondered why that was. She doesn't bite me now, but she will bite strangers.

Whitney - 2007-10-12
My mini lop is named Vegan...well because he is one! :) He is so adorable, loves to cuddle and most of all: LOVES his round-around-the-house sessions! I was a little uneasy about getting a rabbit and keeping it in the house, but he has been nothing but an absolute joy to have and we love him dearly. Such a little personality and always up to the cage to greet us whenever we are near!

Sarah Boundy - 2007-09-15
My mini lop is very cute and cuddly. My name is Sarah and I am 6 years old. His name is custard because he has yellow feet

Ruth - 2007-09-11
I just got a black mini lop yesterday (my dwarf Polish rabbit, Charlie, died a while back, and I was missing a little long-eared companion), and he's the friendliest rabbit I've ever seen. He's appropriately named Jordan (this bunny can jump!), and apparently, he likes to chase my cats.

Shawnee - 2007-08-23
I have a 6 week old mini lop whom I've called Houdini, after the famous magician. Why? Because he finds that escaping from his cage and waking me up at 2:00 am a wonderful past time. He was able to escape his cage on the first day so we attached long beach towels to the sides and tucked the ends underneath the cage bottom. He still managed to escape and I found him zipping around under my bed at 3:00 am. He's really cute and very friendly. And his favourite thing has to be, without a doubt, a small wicker basket that we had for my last rabbit Scooter. If ever he escapes, he tries to find his basket and he stays in there waiting for me to find him. I found him like that once when my dad and I came home from delivering a paper route. He was sitting in his basket beside my bed, staring at the door. Mini Lops are just so cute and seem to be really really smart!