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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Briana - 2008-03-20
I have 5 Mini Lops and they are all in 4-h.
I've won many prizes with them, and they are the best rabbit breed that I have ever had!


Destinee - 2008-03-15
We just got two baby mini lop eared bunnies named Emma and Penny. I am wondering if they can they see in the dark when it is pitch black.

mariely - 2008-03-13
I have a little lop-eared bunny named cookiedough. He is the sweetest bunny I know. He loves to chase me around the house. He is white and tan and he has a paw-print shaped mark on his left hip. It is so cute, and it's a coincidence because I just happen to love pawprints! I love you cookiedough!=)

Justine J. - 2008-02-23
Hello, My name is Justine and I am a proud believer in the French Lop rabbit breed, especially those of the broken fawn colour. I just suffered a great loss this past Monday, my baby bunny named Mr. Lucky. He was a rabbit of just that nature and the most vivacious and characteristic rabbit I have ever known. I had him just about five years, he was said to be a year old when he was found and checked at a vet. He was litter trained almost immediately, and very stubborn about the conditions of his cage. Until the last week of his life he always kept himself and his cage clean and still enjoyed one of his favourite treats the night before he passed, which was a hand fed apple. His second fav was banana, we shared many nights when I held him in my arms like a baby and fed him a peeled back nanner like a baby bottle. I never knew what colour to say he was, though it was reminiscent of a frothy cappucino and also called him peanut butter fluff'a'nutter and now I know after he is gone that he was labeled "broken fawn". I would highly recommend this breed of rabbit, though they require alot of emotional and physical attention, almost as much a dog if not more. But the loyalness and affection you will recieve makes it a very rewarding labour of love. Just please be kind to your babies and be sure to pay to attention to them and learn to understand their feelings and needs as well as wants. I miss Lucky's triple leaps up into the air and the way in which he crawled into my lap when he was tired from his romps and submissed himself to me for love. Hopefully you will share such an unforgettable bond as we did, and will be able to enjoy many delicate bunny kisses on your face and hear them gnash their teeth (pur) when you know you have made them very content and tickled pink with affection. Also, love them first and mostly as creatures who have feelings and thoughts, not just as ribbon awards judged on a level of 1-10 for perfection. Love your bunnies:)

Cori Gentry - 2008-02-21
I have bred mini lops for 7 years now... I adore each one, by far a supieror breed! They have everything, and we specialize in perfecting that sweet temperment and charm we all adore. We are currently breeding these varieties: pointed white, rew, sable, lynx, opal, cream, fawn, orange, blue, lilac, chocolate, frosty... oh and the list goes on!

Kelsey Ingemi - 2008-01-29
My mini lop bunny's name is Gizzy. She is white and chestnut with a unusual personality. She scratches at the bottom of the cage for hours. She is also a huge brat. Everything is her way or she will take your hand off. But then she can be sweet and take a few pats here and there. She loves crackers, veggies, and hay. But if she doesn't like something you give her she will run back in forth in her cage. She is litter box trained. Since the moment we got her she went in her litter box. She is a joy to have around. And you readers should be interested in getting one!

Maddie - 2008-01-11
Mini lops mostly come in a color called Chestnut, and very few are really white. A broken Fawn (fawn & White) is actually also pretty rare, unless the animal in question is a mongrel (crossbreed). The 'tortoiseshell color' is called harlequin and mini lops VERY seldom come in this color, unless, again, they are mongrels. thanks! Maddie Co-owner of Star Gazer Hill Rabbitry.

Justine - 2008-01-01
Hi, I have an adorable broken agouti mini lop named Dexter. Dexter, out of all our rabbits is one of the nicest and definitely the most snugable, and he's still a youngster! He is very docile, even at the county fair, Dexter behaves very well.

Karen from Shirley - 2007-12-29
We have a Mini Lop called Caramel who is nearly two years old. His name reflects the colour of his coat and he is an adorable "rabbit with attitude". He is amazingly careful with children and mindful not to scare or do anything to startle them. He even got my "don't do furry animals" sister to adore him when she babysat whilst we went on our holiday. Caramel was purchased for my daughter who had been asking for a rabbit for a year before I felt she could cope with the feeding, etc. She now does the feeds and will soon be left to clean the cage as well - not that she knows this!! Karen, 29/12/07, Shirley, Croydon.

Bailey - 2007-12-27
My name is Bailey and I would Love a Mini-Lop or a very small rabbit, they are so cute. If I had one I know that I would take very good care of my rabbit. They mean so much to me. My friend Molly has rabbits and I have taken care of them for a couple of days before. They were a joy to be able to see and feed. My friend Molly's bunnies are so nice. She has 2 of them. They are very soft and quiet. They were a pleasure to take care of. I would LOVE to have one of my own! The pictures of the rabbits on your web site are so cute. I wish I had one of my own.