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   The Mini Lop Rabbit has adorable droopy ears, making it look sweet and even a bit comical!
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Emily - 2008-05-29
Hi, my name is Emily and I have a girl mini lop. She is 2 years old and her name is May. I only got her today. She is really scared, I hope she likes it here.

nina,age 9 - 2008-05-29
My first rabbit is gone, he was grumpy so I guess I got a bad impression. I thought all rabbits were grumpy but then I found this site. I changed my mind. I think I am going to get a minilop. Thanks for changing my mind.

Stephanie - 2008-05-22
Hi, my name is Stephanie. I have two mini lop rabbits. Their names are fluffy and flopsy and I have had them for a year. Now they are a year and a half and they are really cute. When I open the cage they try to get out, but I don't let them because we are doing the garden and they love dandelion leaves so much they eat them within a minute.

madison - 2008-05-05
Hi. I am madison. I recently used this website to get a mini lop. I have found a mini lop I love and she is a 2 year old doe. Her name is minnie, even though she is six pounds. Thank you animal-world for helping me find a rabbit for me!

rose - 2008-04-18
I have had a mini lop for two months, what a joy! She is so sweet. When I pick her up she snuggles into my neck, and boy what a personality! I love our new addition to the family, the whole family enjoys her - even my HUBBY!

Angelique - 2008-04-04
Hey, I just recently got two mini lops and they are just so cute and cuddly. At first they didn't want to eat and now they eat like crazy. I have a girl, her name is baby, and a boy who's name is thupper. They are 3 weeks old.

I just love them~

jady bat - 2008-04-04
My pet mini lop, oliver, is a male and he used to shiver all the time. So when we picked him up, we put his head under our necks and he felt really safe and stopped shivering.

Briana - 2008-03-27
Hey, it's me Briana. I forgot to tell you my rabbits names! I have 3 does: Clover, Pebbles, and Wander. Clover has had 2 litters and is the mom of almost all my rabbits. Pebbles is going to have kits near July or June, I'm so excited! I have 2 bucks: Patch and Oreo. Oreo's the only rabbit that isn't related to all the others! Altogether I have 9 pets: 1 sheep, 2 guinea pigs, 1 fish, and 5 rabbits! That's all folks! (@_@) P.S. my sheep thinks he's a dog and tries to be atractive around girls.

Cate Butcher - 2008-03-23
Mini lops are so sweet! I have a mini lop called Flopsey and when I clean out the hutch she follows me and she hops on to the 1/2 shovel and plays with the 1/2 brush. THEY ARE SO SWEET!

vicky - 2008-03-21
We have recently acquired a Mini Lop called Biscuit. He is Sandy/Grey coloured and loves to play games. He is only 9 weeks old and although he is not yet litter trained and loves pooing on our couch we love him very very much.