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   The Lionhead Lop, like the Lionhead Rabbit, is a very friendly little critter. They enjoy people and are sweet and easy to handle!
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Amber - 2006-05-28
Me and my brother recently got a lionhead rabbit called Smokey. She is 7 weeks and soon going to be 8 weeks . she is the best rabbit ever.

by amber

`cici - 2006-05-26
My bunny is a pure bred lionhead rabbit. He is very active and loves to jump around. My friends have bunnies but they think mine is the cutiest! he is very loveable and he loves to play with my guinea pig.

Sarah - 2006-05-09
My bunny is named Pumpkin! She just turned ten weeks old, is already potty trained, and has the run of my apartment (only when I am home, of course). She loves to follow me wherever I go, she jumps on the couch so I will pet her, and loves to do jumps up in the air, turning 180 degress. She is a very happy bunny!:-) She is a lionhead dwarf with orange and white hair, and she is very sociable!

candice - 2006-05-06
Hi, I have a dwarf lionhead rabbit called Pixie. She is absolutley gorgeous and has white fur with flecks of grey. Shes fast approaching 1 and is so engergetic!! I may be thinging about getting her spayed soon though as last summer she got a bit bitey!

Ellen - 2006-04-23
I recently got 2 lionhead rabbits, both female. Poppet and Pumpkin. Pumpkin belongs to my brother although he doesnt quiet know how to handle them. I love Poppet and she is just passed 2 months. We have kept her on dry food. But we might change it when she becomes older. Poppet loves to sit on my shoulder where she can get a good view of every thing around. She is even sitting on my shoulder now!!

Amber - 2006-03-28
Recently me and my boyfriend purchased a Lionhead Dwarf Rabbit (with erect ears) from PETLUV and he has been doing very well. We have since named him Vito and he has become an important part of our new family. Me and my boyfriend spend hours just watching his antics. I strongly advise busy people NOT to get this breed of rabbit as it is extremely energetic and requires about as much watching and tending to as a toddler. On average he is allowed to romp around our home for about six hours a day, so unless you have this type of time this is NOT the animal for you.

korina - 2006-03-06
i love my 2 lionhead rabbits, malybu and baighly. they are so lovely. they are show rabbits. by korina james from wales

fiona - 2006-02-24
ive got two lionheads. a buck called georgie who is very inquisitive. he's 8 months and he's a broken black/white teddy type. ive also got toffee who is the funniest rabbit ive seen, she loves running wild when out of her cage. she is 9 months old and has just had her first successful litter of 5 kits which all are doing well. i think lionheads are the best rabbit of all breeds and they make the best mums.

Amie - 2005-12-27
My Lionhead is called Puff and he looks just like a powder puff, he is 9 months old and is pure white with blue eyes and a pink nose and ears. He is very friendly and loves being stroked his favorite food is dandelion leaves.

J.C. - 2005-12-13
I've had my lionhead for a year and 1/2 and he's the most easy going, sweetest thing you could ever imagine. He's very affectionate and loves attention. He's colored like a siamese cat, with darker hair on his ears, tail and face. I love him.