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   The Lionhead Lop, like the Lionhead Rabbit, is a very friendly little critter. They enjoy people and are sweet and easy to handle!
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Angel - 2007-01-08
i recently brought a lionhead too, after many discussions with my partner i decided to call him Stu (as in [rabbit] stew)-short for stuart . He is brown with a mad hair-do and beard - a complete babe. We only just found out what breed he was, and relieved to know that hes not the only bunny in the world to resemble Bin Laden. We love him dearly

phil - 2006-12-30
i got 2 lionhead rabbits for christmas and they've been very friendly. we let them roam around the kitchen while we get them toilet trained, but they are very cuddly and great pets to have.

LINDSEY - 2006-12-29
i love my lion head dwarf rabbit! his name is gizmo and he's my bud. we hang out all the time and we have a tradition where every night we watch animal planet animal rescue every night after i get off work and he actually watches it. he's the best little dude!

Tiffany - 2006-12-23
i just got this bunny for my early Christmas present and it is very very different and cute and it is cuddly. it isn't really wild and it is black with a white nose and some white on its paws, so i named it Oreo.

Dee - 2006-12-08
For helping anyone who's trying to litter train their rabbit. There are absorbant cage liners you can by at stores such as walmart. Its not as messy whereas litter can be, and you can put it on top of shavings. My little rabbit loves it because its soft.

Juliet Parker-Brown - 2006-09-30
I have a white lionheaded rabbit. I bought it on the 30th of september 2006. It was my only birthday present. I called her Duster because I thought of it at school. She is very friendly.A lso she lets anybody stroke her and I can pick her up.

Elizabeth - 2006-08-13
I have a grey Lionhead Lop, her name is Zena. She is the best pet I've ever had, she's gentle, easy going, and friendly. Working on getting her trained is a bit difficult, partly becuase she'll go in the litter, but then kick the litter all over her cage. Overall, the Lionhead Lop in my opinion is one of the better breeds. They're an all around family type of pet.

Tanya - 2006-08-01
We recently got a lionhead lop rabbit named Carrot. He was my daughter's birthday present. He is one of the best pets we have ever had. Very easy to take care of and he has been great with my three girls!

Sian - 2006-06-19
i am getting a lionhead dwarf for my 13th birthday and my friend has one called tufty, he is really cute and we are teaching him to do tricks! i can't wait to get one of my own because they are the best!

Melanie - 2006-06-09
I have a lionhead rabbit called Chip.The reason i called him Chip, is because when we first took him out of the box we took him home in he was covered (and i mean covered) in little bits of woodchip.I love him soooo much and he is so cute, black, and fluffy!
Everyone out there who is getting a rabbit go for a lionhead because they are the best!