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   The Lionhead Lop, like the Lionhead Rabbit, is a very friendly little critter. They enjoy people and are sweet and easy to handle!
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fiona - 2007-08-25
i think the lionhead is one of the best breeds of rabbits also lionlops are just as nice

Tracy - 2007-07-02
After tragically losing my mini lop of 6 yrs (he was killed by our dog-a painful lesson in cage security), I went to see my friend, a pet store owner. I fell in love with this adorable little fluffball I named Kipper. I had never heard of a Lionhead before, but I am so glad I found him! He is 4 months old and his mane is getting bigger and fluffier every day! We just adore him! By the way, his cage is VERY secure!

Debi - 2007-06-26
My little bunny's name is Mardi Gras-the headdress on top reminds me of a parade! I've had well over 100 rabbits, but this is the best natured bunny ever, so smart! He hates carrots but loves to chew on EVERYTHING! I would recommend this breed for anyone and everyone.

Patricia Scott - 2007-05-08
We have a Dwarf Lionhead buck named Jack. He is full of beans, and is warming up to us now (he was a pet-store bunny, so was skittish). Apparently he hasn't read about how easily trained Lionheads are! He has ME very well trained though...

jessica - 2007-05-06
I have had lionheads for 3 years now and they are amazing pets. They love to cuddle and want to be in your arms. My doe is always in my arms, if I sit her down for a minute she jumps back up in my arms so I have to hold her if she is not in her cage. I have bred her twice and had 10 beautiful babies. 5 each time. They are all healthy and very easy to take care of. They are beautiful and have the temperment to match.

Dian - 2007-04-23
I had never heard of this breed. i had called a breeder about lop's and was told she only had the lionhead's left, so i decided to take a look. i am so glad i did. i chose 'Smith' as i have named her, don't ask why! because she was the most untidy looking, much like a punk rocker! she has the most adorable nature you could imagine, i am in love with her already. i am currently trying to litter train her as she is to be an indoor pet with the run of the house. i strongly recommend this breed as a pet

ima rabbbitlover - 2007-04-10
I just got a lionhead (blue) who is about 7 weeks old. Her name was Kori but when I went to show 'her' we found out she was a buck! so now his name is Kory.

James - 2007-04-09
I have just gotten a lionhead buck who I have named Bigwig (Watership Down) for obvious reasons. I have only had him 5 days but he is a very trusting rabbit. He is already well trained. He knows where to go and where not to go and even goes to the toilet in one corner of his indoor cage. I have had rabbits before but I feel this breed is the best so far. I would certainly have another

Courtney - 2007-04-05
I just recently got a lionhead bunny. its about 2.5 months old and it is very energized but at the same time is very nice and loves to cuddle. it watches tv with me every night. His name is cuddles and what a personality he has! LOL... he is so fun. *I LOVE CUDDLES*

lily - 2007-02-20
My lionhead is cute and trusts me, thought I`ve only had her for 5 days. She never nips and loves exploring. She has a certain spot where she does her business, but we never taught her! She is constantly running(hopping). She has lots of energy. She has the BEST attitude! I LOVE her.