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   The Lionhead Lop, like the Lionhead Rabbit, is a very friendly little critter. They enjoy people and are sweet and easy to handle!
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mrs walker - 2008-09-08
I've just been given a lionhead lop (black) and a pure bred lionhead (white with black ears!), both 6 weeks old. I now have 6 rabbits altogther, yes I'm bunny mad! The lionhead lop is my very first and he's adorable. I've called him saphire and my lionhead is millie! They are the most adorable things ever and the lionheads are very very tame and friendly rabbits. We hope to get another lionhead lop female so we can breed next year.

Jackie - 2008-08-14
I just brought home 2 lionhead lop bunnies they are so cute. One is golden color and the other is black. My grandaughter named them twinkle and star. Now they are pretty much the same as other bunnies as to what they eat and all.

Amber - 2008-08-13
I just bought my 2 lionheads named Nahla and Zoey, and they share a huge cage while they are still bunnies so that they have full time company. And Nahla and Zoey are the friendliest rabbits I have ever had. I even took them camping with me because I didn't want to leave them. Nahla is really calm and easy going, and Zoey is more curious and cuddly. I love them!

michele - 2008-03-23
My husband and I just brought our Lionhead lop home. She's tiny and adorable. Very inquisitive and VERY brave! We've got a house full of animals and she shows no fear. Go Lucie! I've been trying to research Lionhead lops online and there is very little available. This is really the only location that provided full information.

lizzette - 2008-01-16
I have a lionhead lop named "ricky" ricochet. I think he has some english too because of his coloring, but he is ADORABLE! He's SO sweet, loves to cuddle and kiss, he's smart as a whip, and hilarious. I got him a little house, but instead of sitting inside it he sits on TOP of the thing!

Jen c, mass - 2008-01-10
I have a pet lionhead rabbit named gordon-litefoot. He stomps his feet when hes mad, he's the cutest thing with his beard. The siamese cat, bishop, is his best friend. They are good bunnies.

Kea - 2007-12-23
I just got a lionhead rabbit. His name is Victor maybe,... I just got him yesterday!
My boyfriend of 5 yrs just bought me one for christmas. It is so cute! He's black and white with a little mane behind his ears. He is the most loving rabbit I have ever met! My plan the future for another one, but maybe Victor will get jealous because he ALWAYS wants my attention!

Sarah - 2007-11-24
Hi everyone, me and my fiancee brought a lion headed lop and named him Waffle. He is an indoor rabbit and we love him to bits. He is so gentle and plays all the time.
Wanted to recommend this breed of rabbit because they are just fantastic and great company.

Sarah Holland - 2007-11-18
My mom and I have just started raising this adorable breed and already have one pregnant, due Thanksgiving. We have 4, along with 4 Satins, 1 Silver Marten, and 1 Netherland Dwarf. The lionheads are all so loving. A young buck named Monty (short for Piedmont) gives me kisses on the lips!Although failures have occurred, we love them so much we won't give up. All you have to do to fall in love with one is look at it's gorgeous mane and teeny ears, then find out it's loving personality! We will soon be putting litters and pictures and prices on a soon-to-be-created website, so stay tuned.

Rachel - 2007-09-23
I am getting a lionhead rabbit from my friend, she breeds them. I just can not wait.