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   The Jersey Wooly Rabbit has become extremely popular, not only as a show animal, but as an exceptional pet!
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Samantha - 2005-09-05
I have two Jersey Woolys(*Fufu-a self*). she is 2 years old. i got her from my aunt who breeds jersey woolys. her mothers name was angel and her fathers name is H-B. they just recently breed another jersey wooly, shadow, that had 6 babies. then i have (*Lulu-a blue otter*). i got her from another breeder where my aunt also got shadow. she is a 1 year old rabbit. Fufu and Lulu dont really get along. i let them run around inside and thats the only time they get along so their in different cages. they are both very cuddly and love to be held. they love all veggies and pellets. they dont care much for hay. i wasent sure how easy they were to keep. it is hard sometimes because they get mats and Fufu is hard to keep white. i show them in fairs and they both do very well. i could never imagine living with out them. i love Fufu and Lulu so much! .:*~SaMmY~*:.

Leah - 2005-08-02
I have a three year old Jersey Wooly girl named Penny who I love to bits. I got her from the SPCA when she was a year old and she has been such a good friend for the past two years. She seems to know when I need a cuddle and is more than happy to oblige. I never imagined myself having a rabbit for a pet now I can't imagine not having one.

Janae - 2005-07-07
I have a 7 month old Jersey Wooly Bunny named Gersey. He is absolutly my pride and joy. I could never imagine life without him. He has come so far since I first got him. He went from being very "to himself" to extremely social and loving. I got him neutered when he was 6 months old after many many recommendations to do so. Now, he is happier than ever and very spoiled and showers with so much love. He loves to play with his toys and loves to be around people. He loves to give kisses and tries as hard as he can to show his appreciation. I love him so much :-)

Kathy Stern - 2005-06-04
I got my first Jersey Wooly, Widget, from the Humane Society 8 months ago. He was white with brown-black, ears and nose and gray front feet and tail. I absolutely fell in love with him...not only how cute he looked and behaved gently, but also how smart he was!!! Unfortunately my Widgie passed away May 15, 2005 due to gastric statis complications. House Rabbit Society in Madison, WI-knowing how broken up I was over Widget, told me that another humane society in another town had another male Jersey Wooly, who was on the euthanasia list. Needless to say I drove the distance and saved the little guy, who I call Echo, because he is the exact repetion of, behaves the same way, and is also white, but with gray ears and nose and gray tail and one gray foot. I love Jersey Woolys and would recommend them to everyone. My Jersey Woolys both "talked" to me. When I talked to them, there bottom lower lip would move as if trying to talk back to me.

jessica - 2005-04-04
These rabbits are nice and gentle... but they need alot of upkeep with their hair. I have a 9 month old baby boy. He loves to be held and loves his treats. if you want a bunnie and have time to brush/groom it every day then this is the rabbit for you!