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   The Jersey Wooly Rabbit has become extremely popular, not only as a show animal, but as an exceptional pet!
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Hayley - 2008-01-19
Hello, I have had my jersey wooly, snowball, for about 2 years now and I absolutly LOVE her! She is very sweet and loves to nibble your fingers. Whenever I come in to feed her, she just hops around and nudges my hand. Snowball is smart too, she knows how to open her cage and get out!(but she always comes back!) Snowball is a joy to have in my life and I am proud to say that she is mine!

ashley - 2007-12-31
Hi, I currently raise AOV, Self, and Tan Pattern Jersey Woolies. They are such a joy and super fun! I have a small rabbitry with about 40 animals. They are the greatest pets and wonderful show animals.

mariah - 2007-09-15
I just got my Jersey Wooly about three weeks ago, she is two months old and the cutest thing! She is very sweet, she licks me all the time and love to do binkies!

Kristi Pye - 2007-07-19
I have a jersey wolly, named Mr. Buttons, and he is the sweetest little bunny I have ever had. I have had him for about 3 years and he loves attention. People are usually surprised to find out they are very easy to litter train. I am happy I have him in my life and my 2 year old loves to give him treats.

Thompson - 2007-06-06
I am currently raising Jersey Woolies. They are the most adorable little pets ever. I have a total of 8 rabbits and they are all different ages, so I get to see what these amazing animals are like in all stages of their lives. The newest addition, 4, just 3 days old. Love them to death.

kirstie - 2007-05-23
I just recent got a Jersey Wooly and he is the sweetest thing ever. tgggggggggggggggggvffffffffff and right there was the bunny on the keyboard. : D I love him to death. he's so cute and sweet and not at all shy. his name is Sir Fuzzy-Butt and I adore him.

nika - 2007-02-13
i just purchased my first jersey wooley in years, she is about 8 weeks old and soooo sweet, but shy. she will come up to me when i put her in the bed with me along with her litter box. she will lick my arm and hand to death LOL sooooo sweet, she loves just running around the big bed for hours lol. i dont put her on the floor yet its a bit drafty in this old house until shes a bit older and its warmer. she loves to be petted! she even has a favorite food of basil. she goes nuts when she smells it.

ray - 2007-01-26
I have been a Jersey wooly owner for 5 years. This is my first one. Her name is Delilha. She was my friend and couch buddie. I lost her this week to illness. I am hoping that when I am ready I will have another Jersey Wooly. They are the most intellegent and loving animal I have owned. She would get her own treat bag to ask for a treat. She played with our cats and no matter what time I came in at night was there waitng for me ready to cuddle. I am a 53 years old man and not affraid to say I miss her very much. If you have an opportunity to own a Jersey Wooly I highly recommend you do. You won't be sorry.

Adrianna Davis - 2006-10-13
I need some hard hitting 3rd grade Angora Rabbit facts by 10/16/06.Can you help me? I really need help!!!

Here are some good sites. There are alot of very interesting facts about angoras, you should have no problem finding lots of great stuff:

Check out the English Angora.. they are really cool. I hope this helps.

Desi - 2006-08-14
I have a jersey wooly i bought at a Horse show. i named her zoe and i LOVE her to death. she is my show rabbit and placed 10, blue rabbits. she cost 75.00