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   The Jersey Wooly Rabbit has become extremely popular, not only as a show animal, but as an exceptional pet!
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joyce gromley - 2010-03-09
i have a small rabbitry starting and i have a problem in selecting wha t color to breed with whom. can you help me out?
Does:Blue young junior doe w/full pedigree
doe:Broken Black Silver Marten junior w/ full pedigree
Bucks: black otter young junior w/full pedigree
Buck: Black young junior w/full pedigree
Broken Black Silver Marten w/full pedigree
if you colud help me out in what to breed what to what to get outstanding babies as the outcome. i greatly appreciate it very much i hope to hear fro you soon, thank you,joyce

Olivia - 2009-06-11
I might be getting two jersey woolies. I love this breed and I LOVE this website so much.

Carrie - 2009-06-02
We have a rabbit that is 4 years old and he is light brown with dark brown ears. We bought him at a pet shop. We do not know what type of rabbit he is. He is very very agreesive, he attacks me when I come into the room. I have to bring a towel to shoo him away and he bites and jumps at the towel and believe it or not makes growling noises too. He was spayed when he was about a year old. He weighs about 3lbs. I say he looks like a lion when he sits because of the hair around his neck, but when I look at the pictures for the jersey wooly he looks simuliar to that as well. His name is becker (hence the tv show because of his crankiness).

Colette - 2009-05-06
These are definitely not jersey woolies, at the most maybe a mix...they are most likely purebred or mixed breed lionheads. Lionheads do not have to have extremely long or thick manes as stated in previous comments, as their mane tends to fall out once they are a certain age (depends on the individual rabbit). This is a genetic and American breeders have not yet "fixed" it. Mane length and thickness can differ from lionhead to lionhead and is largely affected by its ancestry and whether it is a double mane gene or single mane gene bun. Some lionheads appear to have almost no mane at all even though they may carry the gene. Even though all these rabbits are really cute (and both lionheads and jersey woolies are both great breeds!) these are definitely not jersey woolies unless they've been shaved down or something.

Irene - 2009-02-12
Nikki is so cute, I wish I had a nikki.

Janie Bauman - 2008-10-30
I raise Jersey Woolies, English Angoras, and French Angoras. Jersey Woolies are not dwarf angoras! The two breeds are similar, however, they are two completly different breeds. EDITOR'S NOTE: This appears to be a difference in the naming of this rabbit breed. In the United States this breed is recognized by the ARBA as the Jersey Wooly. In Australia (and Europe) this same rabbit is recognized as the Dwarf Angora Rabbit by the Australian Show Rabbit Council. There is no rabbit breed recognized as the Dwarf Angora in the United States.

maria - 2008-10-13
We have a bunny that looks just like that white rabbit and he is so cute. He is white and he has gray spots, ears, and his face is gray too. We adapted him 2 years ago and we think that he is an Dwarf Angora. He is a gentle, loving bunny and he has a companion, she is a Mini Rex and they love each other.

Lauren - 2008-09-02
I'm very sorry but those pictures are NOT Jersey Woolies. They are also not known as Dwarf Angoras. The pictures shown are of Lionheads and mixed heritage rabbits. Please refer to Arba for correct pictures. Editor's note: As all the pictures were submitted separately by the owners of these Jersey Woolies, why don't you submit a picture of your Jersey Woolies for comparison. For a more immediate comparison, check out the Lionhead Rabbit page. The Lionhead has very long fur on its head - resembling a lion's mane. Some think the Jersey Wooly may have been used in its development, though not everyone concurs. The Lionhead is not yet a fully recognized breed by ARBA in the US, though it has been recognized since 2002 by the British Rabbit Council. The Jersey Wooly is known as the Dwarf Angora in Europe. The breed name, Jersey Wooly, is recognized by the ARBA in the US, but not the breed name Dwarf Angora.

Rachel - 2008-02-29
My JW's name is Mowgli like the Jungle Book boy. His galpal is an AFL named Carmela. Mowgli is a sweety & one of five houserabbits I have. He's my brother's most favorite bunny of them all.

Julia - 2008-02-10
My Jersey Woolies name is Pinky and she is white with red eyes with a pink outline. I love it when I flip her over and hold her like a baby! She's SO cute! Also when I flip her over and I sit her on my lap and she looks straight at me! She is the JOY in my life and she makes me SO happy when I'm sad or angry.