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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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momma of 5 - 2011-05-15
I am wondering I just got 2 holland lops. 1 of them doesn't really have floppy ears. They tend to stay up like a regular bunny. It is the same color, size, same kind of fur. Can this happen and it is still a lop? I know alot about mini rex we used to raise them. Don't know a lot about Holland lops. If anyone can tell me I'dd appreciate it. My daughters first year in 4h she won best of breed with one of our babies we had. Thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-16
    Some ears on a Lop don't flop for up to 6 months sometimes even later. Also, some lops have very small ears and the ears don't completely flop. I wouldn't be too concerned about it yet as they are both pretty young - correct?
  • david - 2011-07-04
    I've have had a holland lop rabbit for 14 years. I know 7 years is normal. I had 2 and one lived only 7 and the other 14. He was snowball. He was very friendly rabbit. He'd kiss you like a dog and he just died in my arms. He was a-great rabbit. I want to get a new rabbit - a holland lop but I don't know if will live for 14 years again. David
  • Bailey Welshans - 2011-07-06
    Yes, it is possible to have floating ears, like wings.They are called airplane ears. I have a holland lop that has airplane ears. If you show that holland you will not get marked down for it. A special technique you could use is taping quarters to his/hers ears for a couple hours. His/hers ears might not stay down but it is something to try!
frankie - 2011-05-22
My lop is nammed waffles:) I love her soo much.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-23
    That is a great name. It sounds like she is very precious to you. Just enjoy her and give her a hug for me. OK?
Emily - 2011-05-14
I have a Holland Loop Ear Rabitt named Romeo .

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-14
    That is a great name. Wish I thought of it.
Sheila - 2006-11-10
I have 2 Holland lops--Chestnut and Twinky. Their personalities are so different! Chestnut is sweet and cuddly while Twinky is very independent and ornery. I adore them both. Chestnut loves to eat and would bounce around as soon as I enter the room while Twinky would be busy "chinning" and owning everything. For hairballs, I try to feed my rabbits a handful of timothy hay everyday to promote good digestion and I prefer papaya as treats which I give in moderation just like carrots (usually 2x a week) for any fruit is rich in sugar. Papaya extract is known to help rid hairballs. I give them a tablespoonful of whole wheat grains or old-fashioned oatmeal and sunflower seeds for their coat about 3x a week. They have the softest fur comparable even to Coco, my darling mini-rex. If handled regularly at an early age, rabbits can be very pleasant, interesting, low-maintenance, lovable pets.

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  • Emily - 2011-05-14
    I only have one holland loop ear rabbit named Romeo. He is very loving and cuddly . He is a brown loving bunny . People , get a Holland Loop Ear! ! !
Naomi - 2010-12-20
Just got mine today! Still wondering if it has flees... How will you know if it has flees, and how will you get rid of it?

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  • dood - 2011-04-04
    Flees is spelled fleas! lol
  • Georgina Parent - 2011-05-10
    Wow. You really helped her out. I don`t think spelling was her concern!!!
    As far as your question, Hun just google it, I`m sure you`ll get your answer.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-11
    You can actually see fleas by running your hands through the bunnies fur. Just pet her (backwards) going from the tail end to the head so you can see the skin and if she has fleas you should be able to see them. As far as I can find there is only one product that has been tested on bunnies and is safe. That is Advantage. There are knockoff which are not considered safe but Advantage (the actual name brand) has been tested on bunnies and deemed safe. There are many warnings out on others as been non-safe for your little fella.
    I googled it and went through several articles and that is what I came up with. Hope your little fella doesn't have them. You should be fine though. My daughter has rabbits, also.
  • Cheryl Gehrke - 2011-05-12
    Hi I just wanted to say that I have used Kitten formula Revolution on my bunnies and it has been safe. Don't use any of the cat or dog flea meds because they will kill the bunny. Bunnies are very sensitive to medications and only those deemed safe should be used. Your bunny should be housed indoors and that will keep the fleas off of them.
Lizzie - 2011-02-20
I got mine yesterday and I love it. He is so cute. He is only 7 weeks old. I named him Peacon! I LOVE Holland Lops!:)

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  • Brittany - 2011-02-20
    I would love to get a baby holland lop but I can never find a place to get one. Any ideas?
  • ***Tiffany*** - 2011-03-07
    Where do you get them from? I want one so badly :( They are adorable!
  • Ann - 2011-04-14
    Holland lops are the best rabbit to have because they are friendly and laid back and they are cute.
  • kendayl - 2011-05-05
    Where do they sell holland lops?
  • Emily Willis - 2011-05-08
    I breed Holland Lops and Show them. I have bunnies for sale all the time and I am expecting two litters of Holland lops next month. Even if I don't have any right now I know breeders who do. Please feel free to look at my rabbitry web site Most of the bunnies I breed are for show but I do from time to time get a rabbit that can't be shown that gets sold as pets. If you want 4-h bunnies I have a couple of those right now for sale right now.
    My e-mail
mariah - 2011-04-13
How old are babyholland lops when they stop getting bottle fed?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-14
    They usually wean between 6 and 8 weeks. Being bottle fed, given they are on some sort of diet and mash - you could possibly stop then. They need to be eating well on their own before you can stop bottle feeding them.
Andrew - 2011-02-24
Our 4 1/2 year old holland lop, Whiskers, had not been eating or drinking very much in the last few days. She was also not as active as normal. We brought her to the vet last night and he said she had a 104 temp and had developed pneumonia. The vet gave her a needle shot of antibiotics and gave us some medicine to give her on the hour. When we got home and tried to give her the first dosage of medicine by syringe, the rabbit took the first one but to complete the total dosage, we had to give her another syringe. My son was holding the rabbit in his chest and I was holding her head still while my wife put the syringe in the rabbit's mouth. The rabbit began to squirl around a lot in my son's arms to the point we could not administer the medicine. We quickly put the rabbit down on the floor and she rolled over rapidly about 3 or 4 times as if having a seizure, then died on the spot. We were all very attached to the rabbit and are very upset. We feel like we killed the rabbit by not giving her the medicine properly. We always kept her cage super clean and fed her mostly pellets. Can you please help us? Did we do something wrong to cause the rabbit to die. Thanks.

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  • Editor's Note - 2011-02-24
    I wouldn't assume that you killed your rabbit. It sounds like your rabbit was quite sick and may not have reacted to the antibiotics the way the vet was hoping. Rabbits can sometimes be quite sensitive to environmental conditions that we are not expecting. I am so sorry for the loss of your rabbit.
catamount56 - 2008-08-07
I am going to get a holland lop and I'm so excited. This website helped me discover the breed. They are so CUTE.
I don't know what I'm going to name it. Maybe Nelie or Buddy, but I know for sure. I am going to enjoy it. I had a bunny when I was about 4 and my mom sent away to live on a farm (it wasn't a holland lop). Thank you Animal-World.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-01-17
    We have had a Holland Lop ear for almost 9 yrs., he was 4 when we bought him. So nice and so cute! His name is Mr. Oates, does anyone know how long these rabbits live? I hope for a long, long time..
  • lefty - 2011-02-22
    I love holland lops. I have 4. And two of them are pregnant! They only have up to 4 kids. I think (pretty sure) they are fun and have wonderful personalities!
briana - 2011-02-15
Cute really but I'm doing a report for a class and I need more colors but good site I like it oh also need more breeds of rabbits.