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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Desiree - 2011-09-26
I rescued a holland lop two days ago. It is a female, and I named her floppy. I woke up this morning, and there were six baby lops laying on my floor. Three are alive, and three passed on! I love them, I just wish I would have known she was prego. it was surprising. So wish me luck in my new babies! I'll keep you guys updated on how the sweethearts are doing!! XD

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-26
    That had to be a big surprise. Lots of luck with them and take pictures and let us know. OK?
  • Kathleen Carlstedt - 2011-12-21
    How about posting some pictures of Floppys 3 babies? I'd love to get a very young lop so it can be trained to do just about anything. Currently, I have Oliver - a 3 pound black male holland lop, 5 yrs old (bought him and his brother, Snickers (he died from hair ball blockage at 2 yrs and 9 monts old and he is the sweetest thing!), a gray/white patched female hare at 5-6 yrs old now (Smokie is even sweeter; adopted from a co-worker at 2-3 yrs old and she weighs 5 pounds and a black english lop, Ariel, who was also adopted from a co-worker at 1-1/2 yrs old and weighs 4 pounds - he is quite a character and oh so funny to watch. All 3 live in a 10 x 20 chicken-wired room in my basement; room equipped with a ramp up to a ledge with 2 boxes on either side and a tube connecting them for endless fun. They are all litter box trained. The 2 bigger rabbits go up and down the stairs and thru a doggie door in the kitchen out to the back yard, which has a privacy fence to keep them in and any other animal out of the yard. The 3 pound holland lop is too small to do stairs so he is always carried out. I just love anything that has to do with rabbits! Even though they can be quite messy, the enjoyment and laughter they give me outweighs the clean-ups. Do you give Floppy pumpkin pie mixture 2-3 times a week to break down hairballs? Very effective and mine just love the flavor. Just a little less than a teaspoon is all they need 2-3 times a week to avoid surgery to remove the hairball. Please keep me updated on your little ones, and if possible, take videos of them playing with each other. I love it when they do their little wiggles and twist/turn in the air. You can send pics or videos to my facebook account if you want to. Thanks and I look forward to seeing the kids.
Jessica - 2011-09-03
Hello everyone I just rescued a mini lop bunny I named him thumper and fits him well lol but he just started sheding. I'm guessing he not old but he lose brush full of hair and I've only had him 3 months. I got him from a bad home where they weren't taking good care of him he was skinny an smelled like cat pee now he's healthy but I dont know how offten they shed. He's my frist mini lop. His buddy is a dutch and his name is killer lol

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  • weezer - 2011-10-08
    My lop sheds all the time. The hair is so fine you don't see it. Vaccuum a lot.
    Brushed mine daily but I did not use wire use natural bristle. Their skin is sensitive. They'll enjoy it more and let you do it
  • Rachel Myers-Jordan - 2011-12-10
    Hi I have a dwarf Holland Lop name 'Jeff the Bunny' he sheds at the beginning of every season so about 4 times a year. His color changes slighly with each season too which is cool.

stephanie - 2011-08-19
Would a holland lop rabbit be a good first time bunny for me if not which one?1

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-20
    From my daughter having one to everything that people have posted and everything I have read, a Lop is about the best pet in the entire rabbit family. They are easily litter trained, comical, love their humans, easy to care for, healthy, lovable and total comics.
  • kyara - 2011-09-14
    Absolutely, I have 1 and her name is pumkin and she is prego and I have 3 2 yrs old kids. They are very well natured if you get them as a baby that way you can train them and they know you better hope you have luck
  • mykala - 2011-11-06
    Yes a (kit) baby holland lop is way more energetic and when they're full adults they get tired and less energetic so really they would but the male pees and poops a lot while the female has a less pee and poopness so what I'm trying to say is that a female may not cost or need much while the male they eat nonstop and poop, pee and waste so much bedding and beds. I have two bunnys and 1 male 1 female they had babies but they died don't do that instead get 2 females or sisters they won't fight or kill each other so please don't ever force them to breed I'm a humane society follower so I try to stop this from happening oh and huge time males will hump you nonstop and I'm not saying what happens when you feel a wet slimy like worm on your leg its their you know so I'm not saying you should not get one I'm saying how they would do. But males are cuddly and love to cuddle and are calm. One time I pushed him by my stomach and he laid down and feel asleep.
Isaiah - 2011-09-27
If anyone wants a holland lop bunny with a big cage and all the accessories please call 905-208-4697....we don't have time for it any more

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  • PHil - 2011-10-17
    What are are you from?
  • Phil - 2011-10-17
    What area are you in?
  • Crystal Sullivan - 2011-11-04
    Just wondering how old this post is? Where are you located and how much are you asking for the little guy? I've had them in the past and absolutely love the lop ear bunnies. Can also contact me by facebook or phone 815-228-6517. I'm in Northern Illinois, so if you're not close, it probably won't work out, but I'm serious in my search for 1-2 Holland/dwarf lop ear bunnies in the VERY near future. Thank you.
Lin - 2011-10-03
I have a 13 week old, gray lop eared and dutch bunny :). I have had it for about 2weeks because I got him at my local church. First , we bought him a water bottle for bunnies and he doesn't drink any of the water. Why is that?? Second he pees a lot, does that mean he has become ill. Third we take him outside and he eats the grass, is that healthy for him?? Fourth how do I properly clean him, can I use a blow dryer to dry him off or is that bad, is there speacial shampoo I need to put on him??

Please answer my questions because i have been so curious these past 2 weeks. :)
~-Deuces-~ xD

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-03
    Bunnies are sorta self cleaning machines like cats. They lick their paws and then groom themselves, keeping themselves very clean. You should brush your bunny at least once a week to remove excess fur as you don't want fur balls or any intestinal obstruction. Just brush him. You do not have to bath them and they probably wouldn't like it much.Bunnies eat grass. Rabbits are herbivores. In their natural environment they eat large quantities of leaves and grasses, and occasionally eat flowers, fruits, and vegetables, especially if they are in your garden. In order to take the very best care of your rabbit their diet in your home should include grass hay and green foods. A variety of grass hay such as timothy, oat, rye, alfalfa should be available at all times. A cup of vegetables for every two pounds your rabbit weighs should also be fed per day. Fruits such as berries, apples, peppers and carrots can be fed as treats or used in training but sparingly about a couple of tablespoons per day for each two pounds your rabbit weighs is plenty. Pellets are used but not great as they need the hay and veggies. Pellets are primarily for industrial to promote rapid growth.
    Now you say he is peeing a lot but not drinking water. He is probably drinking and you just don't see him. But just in case show your bunny the water bottle and put water on your finger from the bottle and then on your bunnies tongue. Do that several times to make sure the bunny knows there is water there. Always check the water bottle as they do get stuck and your bunny would get dehydrated without water. If he is peeing a lot, he has to be drinking. Or he could be playing with the bottle.
  • weezer - 2011-10-08
    i had a mini lop for 8 years and he did not like the bottle. Also the food dish loose in his cage would be dumped (playfully) so I bought parrot dishes that attach to the cage. he lapped up the water like a cat and i could clean it more often. Definately do not bathe the rabbit . pees alot ?? I always changed his litter box daily. I used the recycled news litter. The cage I had lifted out of a bottom tray that I could line with newspaper for cleanliness. Inside his cage I could stuff with timmy hay(no alfalfa ) and grass mats so his feet were not on wire. He was allowed out of his cage while we were home. Most important remove access to all electrical wires and sockets. I covered them with plastic milk cartons taped to the wall. if your house gets hot in the summer freese water bottles and put it into a sock so he can lay against it. I didnt let my rabbit outside in the grass (never found a body leash that fit) there are too many fleas thay can pick up.
Beckii - 2011-09-16
Our family just got a 6 week old male Holland lop, and we have some questions.... We have noticed that he sometimes when he goes to releave himself he leaves behind a milky yellowish fluid..... Is this normal? And What is it?

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-17
    Rabbits have very sensitive digestive systems and too much of anyone thing or an unusual thing can give them diahrhea. They need a lot of basic hay and then some vegetables (leafy greens). Look at the article attached for feeding. When feeding your new bunny something new - just do one thing at a time for a couple of days to see how he responds.
karla - 2011-08-04
I have a holland lop that I rescued and I named him holland because he was abandoned at a gas station near my dads job and the person just left poor holland with his cage and a pet carrier and proof of vaccination... At that time I didn't know the different breeds of rabbits so I named him Holland untill a week later I noticed that he was a holland lop and he is the sweetest bunny and he follows me everywhere and snuggles with me :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-05
    That is so lucky for your. Glad for you.
Raye - 2011-08-04
I am going to be getting a holland lop soon!!! I am sooo excited!! I have gotten oodles of information from this site!! Thanks everyone! :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-04
david - 2011-07-04
I had a holland lop for 14 years I got 2 rabbit at same time and one lasted 7 years and snowball 14 years. He was super friendly and could get in and the cage by himself untill he got old. He just died in my arms. I don't find another one that can live that long again. Rabbits are great they don't make much noise. You might here the rabbit drink water and thats it. I miss my rabbit snowball. from david mississaga ont canada

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-05
    I am sorry. It is hard when your pet family goes. All a person can do is get another one - but it doesn't have to be the same kind. You can get another breed (or the same) and love it just as much. I am sorry though.
  • Bailey Welshans - 2011-07-06
    Hi! I was wondering if you are still looking for a holland. I have a very sweet buck you might be interested in. He is 2 1/2 and has already been a dad for me and hoping to be another one. He is a tort {black}. He is $25 pet only. Email me for any questions!
  • Bailey Welshans - 2011-07-06
    Sorry, the email address I sent you with the last comment was an error. The real one is
  • Anonymous - 2011-07-31
    So sad... My Dutch rabbit Eddie just died :(
Zack - 2011-07-12
I have a holland lop named Mr.Bunny, but I think it's a girl.;)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-13
    Mr. Bunny is a cute name and I would just keep it. I had a girl dog and I named her BEN.