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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Marie R. - 2004-05-21
I just got a Holland Lop on my birthday! It is white and loves to kiss me and play around. I love having my pet. P.S( I named it Sundae for its white body which looks like ice cream and its red eyes that look like cherries!)

ashley - 2004-05-14
After researching and considering for a few weeks, I decided to buy a female Holland lop. She is adorable and very friendly. She is the new love of my life!! I named her Dusty, because she looks like an oversized dust bunny!

Heather - 2004-05-09
I have an Orange and White Holland lop. I named him Lord Maximoff. He is the cutest little bunny. He loves to lie with me or sit in the large pocket in my sweater. In fact when I go to take him out and place him on my lap he jumps back in. They are so sweet and friendly. Not to mention love to hop around and play. I wish everyone the best of luck with their bunny, and hope your having as much fun as I am.

Tahsa - 2004-04-27
Pictures of those Holland lop rabbit are the best. I love there chubby face and all there colors. THERE GREAT!!

jen - 2004-04-20
I have a holland lop, and she is sOoOoOo cute! She is kind of brownish, mostly black and white. She looks alout like pepper, so thats what I named her! Holland lops are very great with children. They love to play and their sooooo CUTE!!!

NINA - 2004-04-13
I have two holland lops, a orange and a black and they are so cute!! They are a lot of responsibility but, no pain no gain! Holland lops are the best

Anonymous - 2004-04-09
we just got our four children a mini Holland lob. at first they were unsure of it but she soon won them over. she loves to sit and cuddle with them, and she plays games with them. We are very thankful that she is as friendy and playful as she is, due to us having to give all their cats away. Their baby sister is allergic to cats. To anyone whose child has this problem check if they can have a rabbit it is even better than a cat

Kim - 2004-03-17
i have a black holland lop. and i bred him about 2 weeks ago but i dont know if he finished the job because he acted really wierd when he started to well make a connection and i dont wont to rebred just in cause she is in fact pregnant.

Kim - 2004-03-10

BRITTANY - 2004-02-22
Hi my names Brittany. I think that the Orange Holland Lop Rabbit is the cutest rabbit i have ever seen. I love the picture you have got on this website. I have always wanted a rabbit but they take too much responsibility.