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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Jennifer Topp - 2004-10-19
I got my Holland Lops from my stepmoms friend and I love him very much.

ILJD - 2004-10-18
My Holland Lop is called Nadia, I have had her for two months now, she is nearly always well behaved. She is very clean. She is the colour of a Siamese cat. She lives in her own shed and has a two storey cage. Her favourite hobby is chewing my trousers!

Isabella - 2004-09-28
I have a holland lop bunny in my classroom as a class pet. His name is B Boy. He is so Cute. My teacher lets him out during Social Studies. I think that a hollan lop bunny is a good class pet.

gf ghgh - 2004-09-20
I have a brown Holland lop, and I really love him. I think he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Lulu2004 - 2004-09-20
I have a Holland Lop. He is sooooo... cute. Holland Lops are one of my favorite kinds of rabbits......... I know you love them to........

jessica - 2004-09-18
I have a holland lop rabbit and she is so cute! Holland lops are the sweetest and most cuddly rabbits ever! I would recommend this breed to anyone thinking of getting a pet rabbit!

Angela - 2004-09-12
I have a bunny named floppy and she is soooooooo cute,I got her a year ago, shes shedding some but she is so cute!

Sarah - 2004-09-12
Hi, i have had holland lops before and i just love them! they are sooooo cute.i am waiting to get my second holland lop which will be in about 2 weekes i am soo happy! for anyone recomending gettin a bunny get a holland lop!!!!I will write back when my new baby comes along!!! well thankyou for reading

nicole - 2004-08-31
you have beautiful holland lops here thank you for your wounderful web site.

Holly - 2004-08-31
I got my first Holland lop 2 weeks ago and she is my most cuddly and cute bunny EVER. I love her with all my heart.She is a broken black.