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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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nicole - 2005-01-23
Stitch, my Holland lop,loves to sleep with me and to hop.

kayla - 2005-01-20
I think that Holland Lops are soooooo cute. I used to have one, but it died 2 weeks ago. Her name was Thumper and she was brown and white. She was so cute!!!!! She would lick us and snuggle with us, and acted just like a dog. We are thinking of getting another one, but we know that another one could never replace Thumper.

Brit - 2005-01-17
I own, at the moment five Holland Lops, I am a beginner breeder and raiser. I have found that these animals are calm and sweet. Plus a joy to take care of. What a wonderful breed!

P.S. I also own two bucks, one New Zealand, the other dwarf/unknown, however they do not have as much personality as the Lops.

Leah - 2005-01-05
I Leah think that Holland Lops ARE the cutest kind of bunny. There SO cute. Everytime I go to the pet store there is more and I always want to take everyone home with me! REALLY! Leah Illinois

Anonymous - 2004-12-30
Hollond Lop eared rabbits are great as family pets and are easy to look after.They are wonderful family pets.

Lauren - 2004-12-29
I got my Holland Lop a year ago and I personally think that she acts like a little puppy! She has been entertaining us and astounding my family with her antics. Take it from somebody who knows it. My rabbit has truly been the biggest miracle in my life!

April - 2004-12-23
Holland Lops are soooooooo cute I have two of them and I think that these are the cutest types of rabbits. They are so calm and dosile and mine lick my face like a puppy! their adorable!

ALexandre Samson - 2004-12-16
I got a holland lop from my sister for christmas. He is very cute and was fully litter box trained when i got him and very good with my little cousin (5 years old).the only thing thats wierd with mine is that hes overgrown and albino!

ALexandre Samson - 2004-12-15
i have had my rabbit, Casper (i named him that because hes albino) the holland lop, for a little over a year. I got him as a Christmas present and he is so, so, so cute i cant get enough of him. He is very loving and loves to be held like a baby if you dont hold him like a baby or like a dog hell kick and scratch your arms off! I find their awsome house pets!

Breanna - 2004-12-10
I love rabbits and especially Holland lops! They are the sweetest available, I think. Except that my Holland Lop, Niblit, is quite the snobby rich rabbit, lol, but I love him because I made him that way! I spoil him way too much! He has free roam, even though he has a cage. we bunny proofed the house so he can hop around anywhere, and whenever he needs to go to the bathroom he just goes in his litterbox!