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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Rachel L Kobes - 2012-05-12
I plan on gettin a little bunny but I'm curious do they need a lot of vet visits and do they get sick often?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-12
    Bunnies are generally very hardy healthy creatures and shouldn't need trips to the vet. There are two shots required to insure your bunnies health which you or the breeder would have to have for the bunny. Additionally you will probably want to spay or neuter your little one. After that just feed healthy foods and plenty of hay.
Marie - 2012-06-29
Hi Charlie its Marie. (My Beautiful Holland Lop Bunny) Snowball is now 4 to 5 months old but almost everytime I hold her she pee's on me but no one else. Thank God I have a towel on my lap with a garbage bag underneath. But for some reason she loves doing this to me. I am starting to get a complex. LOL!!! Then she will just flop down and go to sleep but before she does this I do change the towel to a fresh one so the scent is not there HELP????? Thank YOU!!!! Have a Great Weekend!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-29
    You have a good weekend too.  Have no idea why but many parrots regurgitate (throw up) on their human and it is affection.  They are trying to feed us.  I guess she figure you are her territory - and that is what she wrote.  Enjoy and have fun.
Marie - 2012-10-19
Hi Charlie TGIF!!!! Its Marie again I have Snowball the holland lop bunny. I have it running between the kitchen and hall its gated off. He's still pooping all over we had him trained to go in his cage but he does not do it anymore I am not sure if he thinks that this spot is his cage or what its been going on for awhile. We never litter box trained him because he would not go in it. During the day I let him have the run of the house for a couple hours and he loves it he binks (SP). But when he's running around he also poops and pee's where he;s running..l What should I do I am nervous about puting him into the cage at night when we go to bed to retrain him I feel its cruel because the cage is small. Do you have any suggestions??? Thank You so much P.S. He is very spoiled I donnot think he knows he's a bunny I think he think he's one of us LOL!!!!

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  • Erin - 2012-10-19
    Hi Marie, I'm not Charlie, but I have an English Lop (Max) that does the same thing. He gets to stay in his cage when I get tiered of picking up Easter Eggs and wiping up the floor. He doesn't seem to mind, he also has a smaller cage. Have you tried to put several litter boxes out just to see if he will use it. I would even lay out papers because you can roll them up and put it in the trash. I have thought about having Max fixed but didn't know if it would help. I think it could because it looks like he is kind of marking when he does this.
  • Marie - 2012-10-19
    Thank you so much Erin!
Brittney - 2012-10-18
Hi there, My name is Brittney and I am a preschool teacher and one of my co teachers just got a bunny for her classroom. I am concerned that this little guy (Thumber) doesn't get the proper care. He is usually in his cage all the time unless being cleaned. I was wondering if you could give me a detailed list about how to care for this bunny, ways to potty train, diet, play, how long a day he should be out of his cage etc. He is such a lover, and it makes me sad he doesnt get the attention he deserve, therefore i will be taking it on myself. So this info would be soooo greatly appreciated!!! He is about 7 months old. It would also be nice to get info about being around children ways to maybe make it more comfortable for him, the more the better on all the above! :) thanks

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-18
    Litter training is pretty easy but needs consistancy.  Having the rabbit stay nights and weekends at school may make it a bit hard.  Normally they will pick favorite spots to go to the bathroom.  When you figure it's spots put a litter box there with some of it's droppings inside the box.  If you want it to learn the box over the spot, place a few litter boxes throughout the room with their droppings in it and they will usually get the hint. 

    They rabbit will need a lot of touching and attention to make it calm when handled.  First the kids will need to be educated and closely monitored.  He will need exercise like any animal, unless the cage is huge will need time to stretch and run.
GENESIS - 2006-11-29
I had a floppy ear rabbit, it was brown. I gave it water and rabbit food. Most of the time I gave it vegetables, also carrots. It died a few months later because it didn't want to eat any of its food. I always use to take it out in the back yard to walk around. Sometimes it ate the grass. I loved it. His name was Cookie. It was the best animal I ever had until it died. We buried it in the back yard. Well, that is my comment about my rabbit I use to have. The end.

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  • Kristen - 2012-10-08
    Where did you get your rabbit? Did he belong to anyone else before you got him?
  • Kayla - 2012-10-18
    You can't give your rabbits just vegetables. they should only be given vegetables once in a while. You MUST avoid lettuce as well.
Marie - 2012-10-03
Hi Charlie Sorry to bother you again its me Marie with Snowball he is starting to poop around the house and not in his cage like we trained him. Over the last few weeks we started training him to come into the living room and have his freedom around the house but now it seems since we did this he is pooping and peeing wherever he wants how can I stop him from doing this he never did it before... Thank you so much have a great day!!!Marie

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-03
    Best guess here is you need a litter box in the cage but you also need one outside the cage.  If the bunny is loose - it is not going to want to go back in the cage - like sending a child to his room.  So put one just outside the cage.  Introducing the bunny to the house - you have to let the bunny do that on his own.  You would open the cage door and the bunny would come out and hopefully slowly explore returning as needed to litter and food.  If you pick him up and bring him into the living room - how can he know the way back.  I'd just start over with a litter on the outside of the cage and let him explore on his own.  That's a best guess - though that is how my daughter did it and her bunnies have the run of the house with the cats and dogs and birds.
Morgan Perkins - 2012-09-16
I'm thinking of starting my own rabbit breeding buisness. Would a holland lop be a good choice for breeding?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-16
    Holland Lops are wonderful 'pet companion' bunnies but they canbe quite difficult to breed.  They have a tendency to have what is called 'peanut bunnies' and no matter what you do these bunnies wil not grow.  Most breeders will kill them rather than let them die slowly. I would start with a rex, or a full sized lop, or just an easier all around successful breeder and learn and then decide.  Many of the larger bunnies make wonderful moms and will even feed other bunnies babies - start with an easier breed for breeding.  As for a companion - couldn't do better. 
  • Erin - 2012-09-24
    I do agree with Charlie that Hollands can be really difficult to breed. We have them and if you get dwarf genes from each parent you do get a peanut. We generally get 1 peanut in each litter. I don't handle them right away, as a lot of breeders don't so mother nature does usually take care of the process. I let the mama take care of them and look for deads every day. I love them. It was a little tedious to start but the worst part was finding a breeding pair. We also started with a very small doe and that made it harder. If you do raise Hollands start with a regular sized doe and buck that are a good representation of the breed. I have had Hollands be some of the best mothers I have seen, other people tell me the opposite, so I think the breed varies greatly! Just be very patient if you breed Hollands! They are one of my favorite breeds because of the personality and they make awesome pets! Many breeders say it can take a couple in dwarf breeds to get everything to work.
Marie - 2012-09-12
Hi Charlie its Marie again I have the Holland Lop Bunny who is 8 months old now. Charlie we just found out that our Snow Snow is not a girl but a boy we had to take him to the vet because he had what looked like a pimple on his ear so we got nervous and that very same day I went to pick him up and saw a little sommething something out.... :))I have ben saying to my daughter Michelle I dont think snow is a girl it looks like he has 2 friends hanging out. Well anyway the Dr told me its bunny acne and may or maynot go away. But now for soemthing funny he keep mounting my daughters arm and only her its only at night when we let him run completely free around the apartment its so funny but is there anything we can do. The vet said we dont need to have him fixed. He also said male bunnies have less problems than female ones is that true and they live longer is that true.. Well know that your laughing at me Thank you so much for helping me Have a great day Charlie!!!:)))))

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-12
    No  sounds like the vet has a problem himself.  Males should be neutered.  Most male bunnies will become agressive and they will also spray (and it stinks0 if they are not neutered.  Chances are pretty good you will not have a wonderful snuggly male bynny companion if you do not neuter them.  It is an easy process - seen it done - but make sure your vet knows what he is doing.  many take the 2 day class on exotics and then advertise they are specialists. 
Wendy Hollenberry - 2012-08-09
i got a mini rex a yr. ago and she was the sweetest lovable bunny ever. we went on vacation, left her with friends and came back to her very sick. 2 weeks later took her to vet and she had to be put to sleep. ive never been so sad in my life. vet said she had a bladder stone and urinary infection and was to sick 2 save. im getting another but am undecided if i want one like her or a holland lop. she was very good with the kids and the dog did not scare her at all. how are the lops? are they super friendly and lovable 2?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-10
    If you want to breed, then possibly getting the same kind would be good.  If you want pets, the Lop is wonderful
  • wendy - 2012-08-10
    yea i dont want to breed, just as a house pet. another question... my rabbits main source of food was pellets. i gave her timothy hay as well and greens but from what im hearing, pellets are not good. so should i only give the new bunny hay and green vegetables. maybe thats why my girl got sick
  • wendy - 2012-08-12
    Hi Charlie.... I've been reading pellets are not good to feed rabbits. Can they really live on just hay and vegetables and be fine or should I give the pellets to the new bunny along with the rest?
  • Kelly - 2012-08-17
    I really need a pet. my daughter
  • Erin - 2012-09-05
    Hi Wendy, You should buy a good quality rabbit pellet. They do offer all the things a rabbit needs. Stones can be caused by giving alfalfa hay. It gives them too much protein with their pellets. Alfalfa is a main component in the pellet. If you are really worried try to stick to a 16% protein. It's a nice median number. For a larger rabbit or a meat rabbit breeders tend to give a higher number but if you have a small rabbit 16% is ok. I have Hollands and love them! They are sweet and not high maintenance. From what I know about Rex they do have more energy, but I know they are a nice pet too. Hollands don't seem to poo all over in my experience though. My 4 year old just loves his and she is so sweet to him. It really is a personal decision. Don't be afraid to feed pellets though, just watch your hay and also watch your fresh produce. If you feed too much you can get their stool a little too soft. Just cut back if that is the case.
  • Marie - 2012-09-12
    Hi Wendy: So sorry for your loss. Its so hard to lose a pet because they are part of the family. But I would love for you to now that a Holland Lop Bunny is a wonderdul pet they are easy to care for and can be litter trained you can also teach them to do little things like roll the ball to you follow you around the house Our bunny nows when he's good he get a treat an if I say Snow you want a treat he will automatically go into his cage age go were I give him his treat. He is wonderful with my daughter who is 16 but we have had our neighbor care for him when we went away a few days and she is 12 and he was wonderful with her. Theyy will nip you once in awhile but its really not to hurt you I believe thats his crazy way of showing affection our Bunny is only 8 months old we had him since May. They do have very sensitive tummy's so you have to watch what you feed them not all bunnies are the same its best to get and Exotic Vet who now these animals and can stear you in the right direction with his diet and treats. Charlie on Animal World is also wonderful to ask questions to. Well again I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you consider a Holland lop bunny as your next pet..
Marie - 2012-07-27
Hey Charlie its Marie again. We have a silly questions what do bunnies see black and white color, outline. Our bunny loves siting on our lap and watching TV exspecially the Yankees Game I thought maybe all the movement but she also likes watching some other shows we watch its amaing but she will sit through thhe whole Yankee game and some shows..... Thanks Charlie Have A great Weekend!!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-27
    There isn't 'substantiated scientific information' yet that bunnies see in color but it is believed they do.  They see black, white, shapes and studies show they can distinguish blue and green.  So I'd say they see in color.  Based on my bunnies, I say they see in color.  They had favorite colors for their toys and balls.  Yes, they loved TV and music.  I have no idea what they are actually undetanding or seeing when they watch tv and maybe just the movement and sound but it seems to mystify them. 
  • Marie - 2012-07-29
    Thank You again so much Charlie have a great week!!!!!