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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Wendy Hollenberry - 2012-08-09
i got a mini rex a yr. ago and she was the sweetest lovable bunny ever. we went on vacation, left her with friends and came back to her very sick. 2 weeks later took her to vet and she had to be put to sleep. ive never been so sad in my life. vet said she had a bladder stone and urinary infection and was to sick 2 save. im getting another but am undecided if i want one like her or a holland lop. she was very good with the kids and the dog did not scare her at all. how are the lops? are they super friendly and lovable 2?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-10
    If you want to breed, then possibly getting the same kind would be good.  If you want pets, the Lop is wonderful
  • wendy - 2012-08-10
    yea i dont want to breed, just as a house pet. another question... my rabbits main source of food was pellets. i gave her timothy hay as well and greens but from what im hearing, pellets are not good. so should i only give the new bunny hay and green vegetables. maybe thats why my girl got sick
  • wendy - 2012-08-12
    Hi Charlie.... I've been reading pellets are not good to feed rabbits. Can they really live on just hay and vegetables and be fine or should I give the pellets to the new bunny along with the rest?
  • Kelly - 2012-08-17
    I really need a pet. my daughter
  • Erin - 2012-09-05
    Hi Wendy, You should buy a good quality rabbit pellet. They do offer all the things a rabbit needs. Stones can be caused by giving alfalfa hay. It gives them too much protein with their pellets. Alfalfa is a main component in the pellet. If you are really worried try to stick to a 16% protein. It's a nice median number. For a larger rabbit or a meat rabbit breeders tend to give a higher number but if you have a small rabbit 16% is ok. I have Hollands and love them! They are sweet and not high maintenance. From what I know about Rex they do have more energy, but I know they are a nice pet too. Hollands don't seem to poo all over in my experience though. My 4 year old just loves his and she is so sweet to him. It really is a personal decision. Don't be afraid to feed pellets though, just watch your hay and also watch your fresh produce. If you feed too much you can get their stool a little too soft. Just cut back if that is the case.
  • Marie - 2012-09-12
    Hi Wendy: So sorry for your loss. Its so hard to lose a pet because they are part of the family. But I would love for you to now that a Holland Lop Bunny is a wonderdul pet they are easy to care for and can be litter trained you can also teach them to do little things like roll the ball to you follow you around the house Our bunny nows when he's good he get a treat an if I say Snow you want a treat he will automatically go into his cage age go were I give him his treat. He is wonderful with my daughter who is 16 but we have had our neighbor care for him when we went away a few days and she is 12 and he was wonderful with her. Theyy will nip you once in awhile but its really not to hurt you I believe thats his crazy way of showing affection our Bunny is only 8 months old we had him since May. They do have very sensitive tummy's so you have to watch what you feed them not all bunnies are the same its best to get and Exotic Vet who now these animals and can stear you in the right direction with his diet and treats. Charlie on Animal World is also wonderful to ask questions to. Well again I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you consider a Holland lop bunny as your next pet..
Marie - 2012-07-27
Hey Charlie its Marie again. We have a silly questions what do bunnies see black and white color, outline. Our bunny loves siting on our lap and watching TV exspecially the Yankees Game I thought maybe all the movement but she also likes watching some other shows we watch its amaing but she will sit through thhe whole Yankee game and some shows..... Thanks Charlie Have A great Weekend!!!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-27
    There isn't 'substantiated scientific information' yet that bunnies see in color but it is believed they do.  They see black, white, shapes and studies show they can distinguish blue and green.  So I'd say they see in color.  Based on my bunnies, I say they see in color.  They had favorite colors for their toys and balls.  Yes, they loved TV and music.  I have no idea what they are actually undetanding or seeing when they watch tv and maybe just the movement and sound but it seems to mystify them. 
  • Marie - 2012-07-29
    Thank You again so much Charlie have a great week!!!!!
shelly - 2012-07-24
My bunny loves to eat cheerios is that okay?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-24
    As long as they are used as a treat and not the main staple of his diet - it's OK.  Teaspoon but not a bowl.
Marie - 2012-05-22
Hi everyone another question about my beautifl Holland Lop Bunny I took her to the vet on Friday all checked out well. But over the weekend she just will flop down on her side and they there its no pacific side it could be her right or left. She lays there for a bit we pet her then she pops up and is fine?? Also so will sometime go into a trance an cower as if she is afraid she will stay like this for a few minutes we pet her and she comes out of it. Is this normal?? She has no ear infections and is perfectly healthly and extremmely spoiled. We now have dedicated the whole hallway to her so she has a whole room just for her and she loves to be held and loves to give kisses!!!! We love her so much she really is part of the family!!! :) But I just get nervous over these 2 questions. It started after she went to the Doctor?? Thank YOU Marie

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-22
    I have read that this is normal. I don't know for sure that it is but I have read it in several articles. The reason I remember so clearly is that it struck me as being quite odd. It is said they just fall over. I have seen fainting goats do this but never a bunny so I don't know. The freeze frame is normal. They hear or see something and just freeze and I think that is just instinct.
  • Marie - 2012-05-24
    Thank U Charlie we were getting nervous. I was going to call the vet but I figured I would ask all of u since u are the perfessionals at this. Have a Great Weekend!!!
  • Kathleen - 2012-06-09
    I have always heard that this is a good thing and that it means they are comfortable with their surroundings and the people around them. I havent heard of the trance thing but the flopping over is very normal!
  • Judy - 2012-07-16
    My lop does the flop thing all the time. He stretches out on his side and chills. Sometimes though it does look rather scarey and I always make sure he is breathing! He is so much fun! His name is Jingle Bell.
  • CHERYL - 2012-07-20
    Hi Marie, I wouldn't worry at all about your bunny especially if the vet say's she's healthy and she's in very good health, the vet would tell you there's something wrong with her if there was. I have a holland flop bunny and once and a while for no reason at all he flops on his side too. It just means their feeling relaxed, and that's a comfortable postion for a bunny. he to switches sides. So don't worry. If you are still worried call your vet.
Helen - 2012-07-11
I have a rabbit (a lop) that I'm not quite sure what her lop breed is. Can somebody help?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-12
    There are many breeds of lops and there are croos breeds so it can be very difficult to tell which one you have.  Here are a bunch of photos of various lop breeds with a designation as to which breed on many of the photos.  For some reason I couldn't put the link (sorry) in here but go to and enter Lop Images and you will come up with a whole bunch of lop images.
bunny lover - 2012-07-01
I live in Dearborn, Michigan and I want a cute male lionhead for my holland lop.  If you know any one please let me know!!!!!

Marie - 2012-06-12
Hi Charlie I have the beautiful Holland Lop Bunny who is very spoiled. Ok I hope you can help me with this question. She is 4 mos old and only with me when I hold her she pee's on me why? She does not do this to anyone else just me. My daughter was holding her for a halfhour or so and so was all lounged out My daughter hands her to me and there is the look in her eyes and boom she pee's on me. Is she claiming her teritory? I am the main caregiver and the one who is with her the most. So I do not now why she does this to me. Help I have to keep washing cloths. It's like having a baby LOL!!! <3

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-12
    Thought is marking her territory.  Possibly, however, that is just as long as a little one can hold it.  Try to see the body language and what is happening the few seconds before and when it looks like she wants to - get her to the litter.  Just hold her legs under her body and get her to the litter.  I do have to laugh cuz been there but if you watch her real careful and note the behaviors - I think will make it to the litter.  Towel in lap is great idea though.  Remember she is only 4 months and bladder not exactly under control yet -
  • Marie - 2012-06-13
    Thank You Charlie she peed on me just know I had to put her down. I swear its a conspiracy against me. I am going to watch her sometimes I can tell that she is up to it by the look in her eyes and buy her movements. But than sometimes she gets me by surprise..... Yet she does not pee on my husband, daughter or mom.... LOL Gotta laugh thats my baby!!! Thank You...:)
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-13
    Had another thought.  When a puppy gets real excited to see its human - they will piddle.  I don't even think they know they are doing it - just get excited and the backend and tail shake like crazy and they will piddle.  Maybe you should take the bunny to the litter before he goes on your lap.  All animals have unique ways and body gestures to tell us what they are feeling.  My parrot got mad at me and he was chewing me out but good.  I laughed and I sure didn't know what he was mad at but I laughed.  He flew across the room, pooped on my head and flew back to his cage.  That one I will never understand.  Usually if you can just watch their body language but this is beginning to sound like 'gee I am sure happy to see mom'   Enjoy and laugh - it should stop as soon as she gets a little more bladder control - around 6 months.
Marie - 2012-06-01
Hi all my Bunny friends. Its Marie again I have a 4 month old Holland Lop Bunny she is very spoiled and held alot and loves to give kisses but the last few days she has been bitting eveything our shirts etc and us why is that she never did this before. She is also scratching the floor or whatever she is walking on as if she were digging she even digs when she in on us. She is also trying to escape out of the room we have her in. We do take her out of this room constantly through the day and hold her and give her lots of love. Please give me some insite into this and let me now how to handle these situations. Thank You my Bunny Friends Have a Great Weekend!!! Marie

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-01
    My guess is that she is reaching puberty. She is in hormone and just getting a little independent and feisty. The leaving the room and digging, probably looking for a safe place to make a nest and trying to make a nest. Probably, the best way to handle this is to have the bunny spayed. You can wait and see and if it is just the initial puberty stage, it might go away or she just might be a little feisty sometimes. There isn't much you can do except spay and you need to be careful there with a vet.
Marie - 2012-05-04
Hi my name is Marie I just bought a beautiful white with balck accents Holland Lop Bunny for my daughter for her sweet 16 in the Pet store andshe was very docile. I was able to pet and hold her she is approiamately 2 to 3 month old. When I got her home yesterday she escaped from the box and got lose in my apartment. It took 3 hours and alot of help to catch her. But she will not let us pet her or even try picking her up. It is so upsetting to my daughter since she is dying to hold it and touch it we have been sitting next to the cage and have tried hand feeding her food and a treat but she just hides in the corner and won't come out unless no one is in the room then she will venture out. Can someone give me ideas on how to make this a pet we can love and hold and pet??? I wonder if in the pet store if they had them sedated so they were docile??? Please help??? Thank you!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-04
    The bunny is in a new place, with new sights, smells and sounds and is frightened. You need to give him some time to adjust. It does help to turn a radio or TV on in order to block other noises like cars, street sounds etc so he gets used to one sound. Let him loose but in a small room such as the bathroom or laundry room and just one person at a time talking to him or singing and just go slow. Let him get used to you. In the pet store he had the sights sounds he was used to and used to people just picking him up. He may not have liked it but was used to it. Go slow -
  • Marie - 2012-05-04
    Thank You so much for your help because we are completely confused I feel she may have been sedated as bad as that sounds but we live in a small coop which is a apartment so the only place I may possibly let her lose is in the bathroom. But we can't even catch her in the cage to hold her to pick her up and we can't even pet her its very upsetting to my daughter because she is a huge animal lover and wants to pet and hold her we even got her a leash. We have the TV on all the time the apartment is small so we are not making any loud noises etc.. as we don't want to startle her. But we also want her to get useto everyday sounds slowly. Please keep in touch with me with your helpful hints Thank you so much Marie
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-05
    The bunny could have been sedated in the pet store but probably just used to the pet store and exhausted. I would pick up that bunny - even if you have to use a towel and get her into the bathroom. She is scared and trying to get her out of her cage is like King Kong trying to get you out of bed. She feels safe there. You can't work with her until she is out of the cage- you can put a litter in the bathroom and toys and just go slow from there. I don't want you to scare her more either but I think getting the towel and getting her out on the first try and not continually trying to get her out of the cage many times otherwise is just
    easier for you and the bunny. If a human baby is really screaming and scared or just screaming - a person will just grab her and pick her up and figure out the problem from there. I think same thing with a bunny.
  • Marie - 2012-05-07
    Thank You Charlie for the great advice we are gradually getting her to come out she now comes to me and my daughter and she only fights us a bit on coming out once we have her out she stay for a few hours out we hold her and cuddle her and we are teaching her how to kiss us witch she loves. Charlie a couple times a day she is in her cage and she freaks out and starts running back and forth as if she is being chased but noone is near her cage and we are not making noise as we dont want to scare her. We are getting her useto everday noises little by little as we dont want to overwelm her. Also she is going to need her nails clipped I wont do it they told me to take her to and exotic pet veternarian. Also she wahses herself but can we have her groomed and were would I find a repetable (sp) groomer I live in NY.Thank You so much for all your help!!!!
  • Marie - 2012-05-11
    Hi everyone my Holland Lop Bunny is with us a week now she has made wonderful progress she went from hiding on us and being antisocial to now we can go up to her cage she will immediately come to us and does not fight us when we pick her up she loves to be held and gives us lots of kisses (she licks us to death) and we love it . We bought her a big play pen to put her in since we live in a small coop and cannot dedicate a room to her. She loves it and does not want to be put back in her cage, she is so loveable and cute!!! Its better than a cat and easier to care for. I would advise anyone looking for a pet for their child to think about these bunnies!!
Betty Mitch - 2012-01-06
What is the real differents in holland and mini holland . I want to see both at same time to see difference , is it just size or is there other ways to tell the differents in them . what colors is best for showing that judges look for if any . thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-07
    I believe the only difference is the size similar to a standard vs the toy poodle. As far as showing it would be best to go directly to the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)to determine what points are given for the various qualities in that breed. They set the standards and standards do change.
  • Erin - 2012-02-12
    One of the biggest differences in Holland and Mini lops are the size. Holland lops are the smallest dwarf lop breed and Mini lop breed is the smallest breed of lop not being dwarfed. Basically it comes down to their genes. Their head shape is a little different. I'm not sure about colors that judges prefer but ARBA would probably have those answers. A Holland weighs under 4 pounds and a Mini I believe is under 9 pounds. So their size is quite different.
  • Kristin Peterson - 2012-04-27
    Holland lops are at the most 4 lbs and Mini Lops are a little bigger at 6 1/2 lbs at the most the big lops are the french lops which have no maximum weight limit but they are usually 12-20 lbs. There are also Engish lops which are like a long eared french lop and American Fuzzy lops which are a fuzzy Holland lop. Most judges don't look for color just quality but if the quality is close on two rabbits then they will judge by the color quality.