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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Taylor - 2005-04-16

I have a Holland Lop rabbit too, and I think that it is so cute!

Anonymous - 2005-04-16
I have a blue holland lop and he has a lovely nature about him! His name is Alfie. He is so big. I have had him now for 3 years and I cant imagine what it would be like to live witout him. He is very quiet and he lives outside in a shed. He scares all the cats off if they intrude in his territory. He also makes me laugh when he leaps over the log in our garden! I love him so much and he is my best pet yet!
~~Elizabeth~~ Liverpool~~2005

britt_b - 2005-04-10
i am getting a holland lop bunnie for my b-day and from the picture she is so cute. i am going to name her oreo becuse she is broken black. i can hardly wait until i get her, especially after reading the other comments

maggy - 2005-04-05
I love your website! It really helps if you are doing a project.

tia - 2005-04-05
I have a holland lop and it is one of the cutest little things u would ever see.Her name is kiki and she is white with tan spots on her face and back.ive had her for about a year.Holland lops are great!

Jaimie - 2005-04-04
I have a hollandlop and she love me so much she jumps on the sofa and gets on my lap and licks my face like a dog. She only did this to me for about the first 6 months we had her, now she is starting to give such kisses to my husband. she is the most chill bunny i have ever seen. she also lies next to me on the sofa and falls asleep while i watch tv or read.

Kate Hosie - 2005-04-01
I think that Holland Lops are about the best breed of rabbit you can get! I love them, show them, breed them and enjoy every minute of it!

Heather - 2005-03-23
I had a Holland Lop for 12 years.. she was the most amazing pet I have ever had to date.

Trina Anderson - 2005-03-18
I got my 2 bunnies from someone who didnt want them. So my dad took them and now we have 2 holland lops! I really love them and one is fawn. His name is Daniy. One is black. His name is Riely. Riely loves to kiss me. Everytime i put my face in his cage he puts him nose on my mouth and I kiss him. He is the sweetest, loveable bunny I ever had. But he is getting over from being a little scardy bunny! I luv them both!

Heather - 2005-03-17
I have 2 rabbits and their names are Daniy and Riely. BYE