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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Rebecca Edwards - 2005-06-18
I love my Holland Lops. People who meet them never think a bunny could behave like that. They love to be held and are easy to pick up and snuggle. There is nothing better than sweet bunny kisses.
They give a lot of those. Even my vet commented on my Holland Lops sweet disposition. A breeder recommended them because of their temperment and he was right. I have one in the classroom and he is awesome. He can't wait for Monday to go back to the classroom. He loves the kids. They are great for beginners.

elizabeth h. silsby - 2005-06-18

Because of this article I just bought 2 Holland Lop Rabbits.


michelle - 2005-06-11
I just got a holland lop yesterday without even meaning to (i was going to get a netherland dwarf but changed my mind) but I absolutely love him! he is sooo adorable. couldn't be happier!

jessica - 2005-06-11
Holland lops are cute fuzzy and they are my favrite breed!

Karen Hendrix - 2005-06-09
I love my Holand Lop Chanel! she is so cute and so friendly! my favorite is how she looks like she is wearing make-up, thus her name. she is the most friendly bunny i have ever met!

Kelly King - 2005-06-08
Ive had my wonderfull lop rabbit for about a year now. we got him when he was 6 months old. his previous owners had called him bob and he is soooo cute :) he used to be a house rabbit, at his old house and i felt so sorry for him because he was all alone all day in his cage while his owners went to work.
But then we got him and built him a big hutch and he loves it!!! being outside he is sooo happy he springs about all the time and when you go outside, he runs around your legs trying to get your attention. he is just like part of the family and has such a mischeveous personaltiy. he knows when he is doing something wrong and kind of droops his head when you tell him he has been naughty. I love him more than all the animals ive had put together, and ive had alot :) Our house is like a zoo.
I wouldnt trade him for the world. We got him a girlfriend last month and he fell in love, we are expecting babies in the summer. im so excited. He is a broken black and has a little black moustashe,his girlfriend's name is Honey and she is pedigree grey lop.

Jack - 2005-06-05
I have got a Holland lop buck called Doodels. Well the reason we called him this is because when we got him home my mum started writing a shopping list, well Doodels grabbed the pen, laid down, and started to try and draw with the pen in his paws. I love him LOADS and wouldn't change him for the world. He's 1 year old now, we got him when he was 14 weeks old. Doodels is white with brown patches,and he's sooooo CUTE.

Andrea - 2005-06-02
I had a Holland Lop while growing up. PJ was his name and he lived about 9years! He was my best friend. He loved to give me little nose kisses, and cuddle under my jacket in the winter time. He played fetch, though he couldn't pick up the ball with his tiny mouth, so he'd chase the ball and wait for me once he got to it. He also had fun chasing around the neighbor kids!
Though it has been nearly 10 years since he died, I still think about him all the time.

Brooke Ann - 2005-05-30
This is Brooke. I just got a new holland lop bunny! My brother and sister did to. Mine is a brown one and my sisters is a black and white one. My brother has an orange one. We let them run around the house and hopefully can litter train them. We also have a cat and she loves them! She will cuddle up to them and sleep by them. Sometimes when we want to pick them up she blocks up from them. I thought she would not like them at all but I guess I was wrong!

Peter J. Cirrotti - 2005-05-28
Hello and thank you for having this site.
We just got our Holland lop rabbit.."Jasmin" yesterday. Something I have wanted for a long time and now I have her.
I feel very special because this morning she came to the door of her cage right up to my hand. I was able to pick her up and she stayed at my chest for the longest time.
You haven't seen the last of me. You have to see the pictures of her.
Thanks again
Peter C