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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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ashlee - 2005-07-03
hollandlops are sometimes lazy but they are cuddley

Deanna S. - 2005-07-02
We have just brought home our sweet holland lop. He is about 2 months old and we named him Dash, as he loves to hop around and then dash!! around the living room.
He is a great source of entertainment. We are pretty sure our Dash is a 'he' as he likes to rub the bottom of his chin on things and we were told this is generally a male characteristic.
We made a couple of trips to the pet shop and also read this site over before making our final decision. Our children are extremely fond of the little guy, well, we all just adore him and he seems pretty happy here too!

Anonymous - 2005-06-25
Well to all you dog/cat lovers out there, try a rabbit. I had dogs all my life, until I had to put my dog down. Then when I knew I needed another animal in my life, but wasn't quite ready for a dog, I got a rabbit. I did all the research and decided I would try it out. Boy was I happy. I went to the pet store and there she was, my holland lop baby, Sable and White markings, She was a beauty. I brought her home at six weeks. Of course she chewed my phone cords and even the couch, but now, at 5mths old, I am happy to say she is litter trained and has full use of my apartment to hop around in. she hops back in her cage when she wants to. Its amazing. She is just like a dog. when i am on the computer, she comes and lays beside my chair, just like my dog used to do. She loves when i give her kisses and hugs. I couldn't imagine how much love she has brought back into my life. I would recommend a Holland Lop to anyone who has the time.

Lindsay House - 2005-06-24
when my bunny was born I got to visit it every week until it was six weeks old. Then I got him. he is the best pet I've ever had and a dog, cat or hamster would never stay on your lap as long as a Holland lop would.

Kay - 2005-06-24
I have a holland lop. I love the little guy. Hollands are very sweet and love cuddles and pet downs. They especially like it behind the ears and sometimes on the cheeks!

..::*Faith*::.. - 2005-06-22
I just got my first holland lop she is 8 weeks old and her name is Sadie. i never would have at all thought that holland lops could have such great personalitys. it is so much fun to watch her run around the living room and jump in the air. i went to a show in la and when i saw her i just fell in love and i knew i had to have her. and she is the sweetest thing. im still working on litter training her but as much as she makes a mess in her cage she is still the most cute,cuddley,and sweet rabbit ive ever seen.

kacie - 2005-06-21
I love my holland lops. i show them at the fair, and ive had my Tort-"Frodo" for a little more then a year. he almost won best of breed last year and he is the most precious thing. this winter he had a cold so we took him to the vet and got some medicine and he got to stay in the house for about 2 weeks until he got better, and now he is a happy and healthy bunny. I got my broken tort -"Sweet Mango" last year at the fair and i was soo excited to bring her home. she is the sweetest thing and although i dont get a lot of chances to go outside during the winter to hold her, she is still very tame and nice. the summer is the best time for me because i get back into the 4-h projects and get to work with the bunnies alot. I am going to plant a garden by their cages and put a fence around it so they can go eat the plants and get their exercise at the same time (im so exited to get started!) holland lops out of all the breeds are by far my favorite!! ;)

Rebecca Edwards - 2005-06-18
I love my Holland Lops. People who meet them never think a bunny could behave like that. They love to be held and are easy to pick up and snuggle. There is nothing better than sweet bunny kisses.
They give a lot of those. Even my vet commented on my Holland Lops sweet disposition. A breeder recommended them because of their temperment and he was right. I have one in the classroom and he is awesome. He can't wait for Monday to go back to the classroom. He loves the kids. They are great for beginners.

elizabeth h. silsby - 2005-06-18

Because of this article I just bought 2 Holland Lop Rabbits.


michelle - 2005-06-11
I just got a holland lop yesterday without even meaning to (i was going to get a netherland dwarf but changed my mind) but I absolutely love him! he is sooo adorable. couldn't be happier!