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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Mia - 2005-08-10
I just got a baby holland lop and the bunny is the best! We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet but man does she love to be cuddled and loved. if you are looking for a rabbit get Holland lops THEY ARE THE BEST!

Holland lop lover Mia - 2005-08-10
I just got a holland Lop baby bunny! I was soooo excited after TWO YEARS of convincing I got my angel. She was the only one that loved to be held in the litter. we are still not sure if it is a boy or a girl so we call it bunny! But if it is a girl we will call her Emmy Lop and if it is a boy we are not sure but maybe scooter because he runs every where! We got bunny a BIG cage that he loves and we constantly take bunny out. Even with my Ginea pig, hamster, dog, cat, and a bizzilyon fish, I love bunny to bits and pieces and some how find time to take care of all of them with love and comfort. Also bunny loves my dog, she goes up to him and nudges him and makes him pay attantion to her! We have only had here for like 4 days! Also she scares away the cat that is not to fond of her. Bunny changes each day and each day I love her more and more! HOLLAND LOPS RULE

aimee - 2005-08-09
I have a 6 month old holland lop and he is the best bunny! His name is Frodo and he is so cute. he listens to me just like a dog would and he even is litter trained! I started training him just as soon as I got him so he's really good. I absolutely love it when i let him out to run around and he'll hop straight up into the air! Its the most adorable thing ever! I just love my Frodo so much!

Krista - 2005-08-09
I have a Holland lop and his name is Cooper. he is very playful and curious and some times his curiosity gets him into trouble. but if anyone is considering getting a rabbit i recommend holland lops :)

Savanna - 2005-08-06
I just got a holland lop and i suggest it to any one who is looking for their first rabbit. A friend told me that a male has a better temperment than females. She also told me that she has one(full grown male) and hers follows her around like a puppy. But if you get one you have to pay attention to it and handle it every day otherwise it will turn wild just like a kitten can. She also told me they have a higher body tempature so putting a frozen water bottle in the cage for them to lay next to can help in the summer. Also put down a small piece of wood in the cage to let them sleep on, it will help give there feet a rest from the wire holes in the cage floor too.

Kevin - 2005-08-04
i got a holland lop and i love it more than any thing, it is so cute! his name is toffee, and he has huge ears for a holland lop. he loves attention and his toy. kevin

Mia - 2005-07-30
I am getting a holland lop and I am so excited! They are the best!

Hollandlop lover: Emily Krise - 2005-07-29
I have a Hollandlop rabbit named Princess. HOLLAND LOPS ARE THE BEST PET YOU COULD HAVE! I would highly recommend a holland lop rabbit to anyone who wants the best pet to snuggle and cuddle with. They are very easy to care for and its not a drag to get them out atleast once a day. They are not a very big rabbit. That is one reason why they are recommended for all ages. Another reason is that they have an excellent temperment. GO HOLLAND LOPS!

Emily Krise - 2005-07-27
I am 12 and I have been looking for a good kind of rabbit. I heard that polish and Netherland dwarfs are not good for rowdy people. My dad and younger sister went out and got me the cuteet Holland Lop from the Lycoming County fair. Her name is Princess. She is the sweetest pet you would ever want! I would definantly recommend getting a pet from the fair because if you have commotion, they won't get afraid. If you are looking for an ideal pet, you have got to get a Holland Lop.

crystal - 2005-07-26
wow your site is great! i love my pet so much i wanted more info, and i got all my info from your site. thank you so much!