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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Kim - 2005-09-02
I adopted a sweet Holland lop doe from an animal shelter in April 2005. She was so adorable and mild, never even bit me once! She loved having her cheeks tickled and yawning, so cute. Unfortunately, she died in August due to GI stasis. I am still crying over her, she is the most lovable rabbit I ever had, I will miss her forever...

Sylvia - 2005-08-25
~Hi everyone!!! i have just gotten my first holland lop named tiddley-winks! she's so cute and loves to be played with! she's also very smart and know's how to walk on a leash and is already litter box trained! I've only had her for a week and she's such a fast learner! I would recommend holland lops to anybody looking for 7-10 years of laughter and fun! Holland lops are the best!~

Ikke - 2005-08-20
I have the most Beautiful English Angora. Norbert Is 1 year old.
Though Holland lops are cute.

sanjay g. - 2005-08-17
Mini-lops and Holland-lops are so cute! Their temperment is great for small children, and they are so soft and cuddly! My sister had a mini-lop and it was so adorable and hardy! There are a lot of rabbits out there, but mini-lops are definitely the best!

jenni - 2005-08-17
this bunny is the cutest bunny in the whole world, but as babies you MUST get them used to you by handling them gently or they will not enjoy snuggling with you!

Kattie - 2005-08-14
I just got my first Lop and he's the cutest thing in the world! He is very sweet and he loves being in my arms all the time! I love him so much! Every one should get a lop.. They smell very good when you take good care of them and they go for there #2s in a litter box! It's great! Even better than cats cause they are ready to be cuddled any time! Kattie

Karen - 2005-08-12
I have a 5 year old male Holland Lop named Rascal. He is black and weighs 4.5 lbs. I got him at 2 months old. He is very much a rascal. He loves bagels and will jump in my lap every morning to share one with me. This is my second Holland Lop. My other one was named Floppy and lived to the ripe old age of 11. They make great pets.

Sylvia - 2005-08-12
I love my holland lop to death! Her name is Tiddley-winks and she is a very obedient bunny. She's 6 weeks old and has already learned how to walk while being put on a leash and is litter trained. She has a HUGE cage outside for her and a big one inside. I let her out in the day and bring her in at night. her outdoor cage my dad and i made. It has a fair size hutch with 2 levels and a fence of paddock. I recommened building an outdoor hutch with a little paddock or a run. Your rabbit will love u to death! Also if you are making a hutch remember to paint it with a waterproof paint so your rabbit can stay outside when it rains. Holland lops are great! My first rabbit Floppy was a lop of some sort and was very nice. I know that holland lops or other lops make great pets!

Mia - 2005-08-10
I just got a baby holland lop and the bunny is the best! We don't know if it is a boy or girl yet but man does she love to be cuddled and loved. if you are looking for a rabbit get Holland lops THEY ARE THE BEST!

Holland lop lover Mia - 2005-08-10
I just got a holland Lop baby bunny! I was soooo excited after TWO YEARS of convincing I got my angel. She was the only one that loved to be held in the litter. we are still not sure if it is a boy or a girl so we call it bunny! But if it is a girl we will call her Emmy Lop and if it is a boy we are not sure but maybe scooter because he runs every where! We got bunny a BIG cage that he loves and we constantly take bunny out. Even with my Ginea pig, hamster, dog, cat, and a bizzilyon fish, I love bunny to bits and pieces and some how find time to take care of all of them with love and comfort. Also bunny loves my dog, she goes up to him and nudges him and makes him pay attantion to her! We have only had here for like 4 days! Also she scares away the cat that is not to fond of her. Bunny changes each day and each day I love her more and more! HOLLAND LOPS RULE