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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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sneha - 2005-10-30
Hi my name is Sneha. I LOVE Holland lops.They are the best rabbits .

Anonymous - 2005-10-21
I breed lop-eared rabbits. They multiply like crazy but are gentle and cute. I recommend them to anybody who likes rabbits.

alicia - 2005-10-20
I don't have a Holland Lop I have a French Lop (Which may be the same not to sure though) and Bugs is so adorable and loveable. All he does is cuddle and play. I have never seen a rabbit play like he does. I have had him for almost 5 years now and the time that I have spent with him is awesome! He keeps the kids amused and its just so nice to have a rabbit around the house

Megan - 2005-10-20
I LOVE Holland Lop rabbits! I fell in love with my baby, Anastasia four years ago and I think I'll always have rabbits. They are the most loveable, adorable animals in the world and I miss my chubby little bunny while I'm away from school. Rabbits make great pets, not just show animals.

Hanna Meisinger - 2005-10-17
hi Im Hanna and im just starting 4-h so I decided to do a rabbit. I think the holland lop is the cutest out of the lops so i just wanted to say! GO HOLLAND LOPS!

macey bugeson - 2005-10-17
hi there i just wanted to tell you that the Orange Holland Lops are the most adorable things in the rabbit family so far. I'm in 4-H and am doing a rabbit, I hope to do a holland lop.

ashley - 2005-10-15
Hi I'm a 4-H member and I've did alot of research on Holland Lops regarding that I know a Holland Lop breeder and when I show rabbits the only color that I see when you show Holland Lops are the fawn color not any other color.If you breed and show your Hollands they can only be 3lbs,possibly if breeding they need "special feeding care" espically for the doe.If your a first timer of being in the "rabbit showing world" it is really hard showing rabbits! If you want to have the best Holland when you show your Holland look around and see and ask yourself questions.When your looking for a Holland Lop to show go to shows and get the breeders card because they know what they are doing and they know what to look for if your a first time showing a Holland Lop.Espically if you have 4-H fairs really looking for Holland Lops and ask the owners if they breed the Holland Lops.4-H members will know alot of there breed of rabbits and if they breed them they know what to look for if you want a Holland Lop to show.If you want a Holland Lop for the first time they are the cuteist rabbit you will ever meet!A few people will get mixed up with the Mini and Holland Lops thinking the Mini Lops are smaller than the Hollands,the Mini Lops will start to get bigger when they reach 5 months old! Holland Lops will not weigh 6lbs! So thnking about the Hollands.

Kirsten - 2005-10-13
I love my three Bunnies. They are such a joy to have around. I love their little dance jump when their happy and Alex gives kisses all the time. Alex is a girl it is my sister's, and Carmelo is mine she is a girl too. And my Brother named his bunny Pit Bull he is a guy. Me and my sister call him Brad Pitt though. If you are thinking about getting am animal get a bunny they are always there for you and always happy. They are easy to take care of and have a great personality. Love to the BUnny Owners~

HOWEY - 2005-10-10
Holland Lop Bunnies are so cute!

Edwina Criear - 2005-10-06
My Lop Hollands name is Rebeka Picasso Furrybottom. She was born March 27, 2005. I bought her when she was a little over a month old. Rebeka was also the smallest of her litter. The breeder I bought her from said that Rebeka wasn't "showable". I took one look at Rebeka and knew that she was "First in Show" to me. She was shy and jumped at every new noise at first. Now Rebeka is a beautiful 6 month old bundle of love. She loves to give me whisker kisses, climb all over me and nibble on everything. Rebeka loves graham crackers, strawberries, oranges, carrots, lettuce and parsley. I am currently training her on a leash and will soon be starting her on litter box training. Rebeka is my very first pet and one of the best things that ever happened to me.