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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Dezzie Jay (aka DJ) - 2005-11-14
I just got my holland lop, Rolo, 2 days ago! hes so lovable and so cute. I luv him so much. He absolutley adores the alfalfa hay i give him. He is also making pretty good friends with my sisters guinea pig, Pudge! Im so glad i got him, i wouldnt trade him for anything in the world!

Amanda - 2005-11-12
I have a grey female holland lop bunny. I was keeping her outside in a dog kennel until she decided she wanted to burrow out...then I had her in a huge cage that my grampa made but she was getting cold so now she is um how you say "living the high life" inside our house. She runs around the kitchen and the living room with my 2 year old boy who just absolutely loves her. At night she sleeps in her huge dog carrier. She loves to be held and loves to chase our kitten who attacks back. These bunnies are PERFECT for the husband even gets a kick out of her.

Edwina Criear - 2005-11-07
UPDATE on Rebeka Picasso Furrybottom. Rebeka and I went out for the first time on her leash this past weekend. Rebeka showed off her bunny prowess. She ran me around our apartment building and did a very high leap in the air. She got up to almost my waist. (I am 5'6" and Rebeka is bearly 8 inches tall.) We then went over to a grassy area across the street from my apartment and Rebkeka hunkered down in the grass and watched the cars drive by. We both had so much fun. Also, it was a blast watching the people driving by amazed at a bunny on a leash. Lastly, Rebeka is coming along on her potty training. She is using the box, however, is still trying to figure out why I keep saying, "Go pee." I know that she will get it even though she started late. I had to get Rebeka to trust and accept me first. I write in with more updates!

desiree - 2005-11-02
I love my Holland Lop!! Her name is Butterscotch and she is almost 10 weeks old. She is the best bunny EVER, I have had bunnies in the past, but this bunny is the cutest and most playful of all of them. She is just so great to come home to, when you hold and cuddle the loppy eared bunny, you can't go wrong!! :)

Lin Hansen - 2005-11-01
No cages for my bunsters! I have the coolest two Holland Lop is a Mini-lop named Sampson (Sammy) and the other is a regular female Lop named Lillie. My friends & family are amazed at how intelligent they truly are. Both are house-rabbits (they roam around my house freely-no cages for them! It took me only about a week to "potty & pee" train them both (they only go in their cage), and Lillie will sit in front of the fridge door if she wants a carrot or apple snack cuz she knows that's where I keep the "good stuff." Sammy & Lillie even run with me during playtime. A tip: I've learned if you use the same phrases over and over with them, such as "No, no" or "Up" (when you want them to jump on your lap, they understand very well. At first my husband was against getting any type of pets, but now he truly loves both our bunnies. They give our family so much joy and alot of laughs! Love and Binki's! LHC

sneha - 2005-10-30
Hi my name is Sneha. I LOVE Holland lops.They are the best rabbits .

Anonymous - 2005-10-21
I breed lop-eared rabbits. They multiply like crazy but are gentle and cute. I recommend them to anybody who likes rabbits.

alicia - 2005-10-20
I don't have a Holland Lop I have a French Lop (Which may be the same not to sure though) and Bugs is so adorable and loveable. All he does is cuddle and play. I have never seen a rabbit play like he does. I have had him for almost 5 years now and the time that I have spent with him is awesome! He keeps the kids amused and its just so nice to have a rabbit around the house

Megan - 2005-10-20
I LOVE Holland Lop rabbits! I fell in love with my baby, Anastasia four years ago and I think I'll always have rabbits. They are the most loveable, adorable animals in the world and I miss my chubby little bunny while I'm away from school. Rabbits make great pets, not just show animals.

Hanna Meisinger - 2005-10-17
hi Im Hanna and im just starting 4-h so I decided to do a rabbit. I think the holland lop is the cutest out of the lops so i just wanted to say! GO HOLLAND LOPS!