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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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~*stephy*~ - 2005-12-30
hey i just wanted to say i love the site and that its helped alot and that i will get a lop-eared rabbit this week. later

.stephy. - 2005-12-26
hey i love ur website its helped alot thanks for everything lata :)

Dwayne - 2005-12-21
Holland lops are very sweet. Hop a lot. They are very sweet.

Gemma - 2005-12-20
i just wanna say all info was great. i'm 11 and i want a hollandlop rabbit for christmas.
cute pic. keep up the great work.

Kelcy - 2005-12-18
Hey i bought a holland lop and they are easy to take care of and very sweet. They are quick learners of how to use the litter box and other things, like walking on a rabbit leash. They are very huggable and like going places with you. i would refer this rabbit and the lionhead to people that like huggable animals.

Jocelyn - 2005-12-08
I've been lucky enough to have had several rabbits over the years, all very good pets. My absolute favorites have been my Holland lops. They have had the sweetest personalities. Easy to litterbox train and very social animals, I strongly recommend one as a first rabbit pet.

Shawn - 2005-11-28
I had a holland lop for almost seven years. It was very lovable. We could hold it like a baby and it would just lay there. We could also let her run around outside or go on walks with her without a leash and she would stay close.

renee - 2005-11-27
My daughter got a Blue Holland Lop for her 6th B-day. Very social and a great pet for new rabbit owners. She loves her hay and loves to hop around the house. We love her to pieces and potty training was easy.

tate - 2005-11-26
Holland lops are awesome bunnies we just got one and their so cute and cuddly bye

Anonymous - 2005-11-16
I find that my rabbit is very easy to care for. he loves to play with my dog who is a big German shepherd! They get along very well