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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Allen T. - 2006-04-01
My wife & I own a male Holland Lop & a female French Lop that we got from a rescue organization. These are great pets, but more important have become little members of the family. I'd like to offer some advice to anyone looking to join the bunny family. If you are at all considering bunnies for pets, they're not like any pets you've ever had, so PLEASE learn everything you possibly can about them before bringing them home. We spent 2-3 months researching the "do's & don'ts", behavior, health, their diet, bunny-proofing the home, etc.; and despite what you might hear from others, these are NOT outdoor pets. They are very social animals, so be sure you have time to spend with them. A really good investment is a book by Lynda Dikes titled "Living With A House Rabbit", you can also contact for lots of information on house rabbits. Thanks for reading...what a good website:)

aimee - 2006-03-29
I have a Holland lop but it was given to me, and she is very gentle and sweet. If you ever have the chance to get i would totally recommend it!! My bunny's name is Oreo she is black and white, she will be having baby bunnies in 2 weeks i'm really excited!!! The holland lop bunnies rule!!!!

Megan - 2006-03-24
i wish u guys had a web site w/ rabbits for sale becuz this is a GREAT info site thx for all the help

Anonymous - 2006-03-22
I have a Holland Lop named Bobby. I never imagined that a rabbit could have so much personality and be so sweet and loving. He lays down between my feet while I pet him. If I stop he pokes his head up and looks at me like, "keep going". He jumps up on the couch and will lay down and snuggle with me while I watch T.V. I have an English lop, 2 French lops, 2 dwarf bunnies and a mini lop. Bobby is definitely the most affectionate of them all. If you are thinking of getting a bunny, definitely get a Holland or two.

Marie Nikki - 2006-03-17
Thank you so much for this great website. I left a comment earlier regarding loosing my precious "old" baby boy, Stardust Snack. It feels good and comforting to read about everyone's holland lops and the cute things they do. I am also very grateful to have all those special memories of Snack from the time he was a young buck trying to get into everything to an old bunny that didn't hop up on the bed or couch anymore. Snack would hop up to you and nudge you with his nose to let you know he wanted to be petted. He took to litter training after one day of me putting him in the litter box at the appropriate time. He would sleep on my pillow with me or by my side. He loved going to my nieces classes and being petted by the students. If he wanted your attention and you were standing he would lick your foot or your ankle. As a young buck, he learned the words "time out" when he would try to chew on wires. His time out was to be in a cage for 10 minutes. After a while he would stop a behaviour if I said the words "time out". I will always love him very much.

Stacie - 2006-03-04
I own a holland lop bunny. her name is Peanut. She is about 4.5 months old! Peanut is very easy to take care of. She can make quite a mess somtime!

N - 2006-02-28
I have had a holland lop for a month. He is the sweetest creature ever made on this planet. His name is daffy. He is my first rabbit, and any first timers over there wanting to own one I would give a thumbs up to them to go for this breed. Along with him I have two dogs, who seem to like him, but he is in different to them. He is a blue tortoiseshell.
Compared to a dog, he doesn't take that much work. However u do need to be attentive to see where he goes, make sure he has plenty of food and water, and also have enough affection.
Hopefully this information is helpful to those thinking of getting a rabbit as an addition to their family.

tori deberg - 2006-02-27
I have 2 rabbits. they are black and brown, they are so cute.

Marji - 2006-02-25
In memory of our little girl.

Munchkin was a smart little one. We just lost her after 8 years. She lived outside her cage most of the time because she was very easy to train. She loved laying between my husbands feet and falling asleep. She also would lay on her back and side while between his feet.

When she wanted her food (around the same time every day) she would go to the corner where it was stored and beg.

She loved us laying on the floor with her so she could lick our faces and jumping on us playing.

In the morning she would jump up on our bed and lick our faces, sniff around our faces and sometimes jump on us to wake us up.

This breed can be very loveable once they know you can be trusted. She left us with so many memories.

Anonymous - 2006-02-20
I have a white holand rabbit she is so cute i find that they make wonderful pets mine has given birth to 4 kits!