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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Stacie - 2006-03-04
I own a holland lop bunny. her name is Peanut. She is about 4.5 months old! Peanut is very easy to take care of. She can make quite a mess somtime!

N - 2006-02-28
I have had a holland lop for a month. He is the sweetest creature ever made on this planet. His name is daffy. He is my first rabbit, and any first timers over there wanting to own one I would give a thumbs up to them to go for this breed. Along with him I have two dogs, who seem to like him, but he is in different to them. He is a blue tortoiseshell.
Compared to a dog, he doesn't take that much work. However u do need to be attentive to see where he goes, make sure he has plenty of food and water, and also have enough affection.
Hopefully this information is helpful to those thinking of getting a rabbit as an addition to their family.

tori deberg - 2006-02-27
I have 2 rabbits. they are black and brown, they are so cute.

Marji - 2006-02-25
In memory of our little girl.

Munchkin was a smart little one. We just lost her after 8 years. She lived outside her cage most of the time because she was very easy to train. She loved laying between my husbands feet and falling asleep. She also would lay on her back and side while between his feet.

When she wanted her food (around the same time every day) she would go to the corner where it was stored and beg.

She loved us laying on the floor with her so she could lick our faces and jumping on us playing.

In the morning she would jump up on our bed and lick our faces, sniff around our faces and sometimes jump on us to wake us up.

This breed can be very loveable once they know you can be trusted. She left us with so many memories.

Anonymous - 2006-02-20
I have a white holand rabbit she is so cute i find that they make wonderful pets mine has given birth to 4 kits!

kaya - 2006-02-17
Holland lops rock. I've had several. one named hope, another named toby, one named clayton, one named rudy, and the final ones a black doe named terra. anyways well ya see something really wierd happened to my friend. ya see she has her rabbit outside and one spring day her rabbit was in heat and she did not know that. she has a very large yard that's fenced in so no animals besides the ones in her yard can get in. but anyways she saw a cottontail buck and she watched as it went over and then to her suprise it mated with her holland. I did not believe her. well her bun had the litter and I saw they looked like lop eared cottontails!

Jennifer Brinks - 2006-02-15
I have had many different kinds of pets.My current "zoo" includes sugar gliders, guinea pigs, hamsters, and 2 holland lops. ANd I can say without a doubt the best pets I have ever owned are my bunnies. They are quiet, affectionate, calm, gentle, and overall very very sweet. I highly recommend anyone looking at getting a house rabbit to get a holland lop.

Racheal - 2006-02-12
Holland Lops are very cute.I am thinking of getting 2 in March.

Pauline Zima - 2006-02-07
I am a second grade teacher in Iowa. I brought my mini holland lop to my classroom this week. I think people would get a kick out of what we are doing. We are writing a journal for Neil Diamond, that's his name. Guess what he did last night? He got out of his cage , paged all the other animals in the building to come to Room 14 for a party. The ferret and gerbil and hamster came. They discoed all night long and ate Gummi worms from the cupboard. That's why Neil was so tired this morning!

Tina - 2006-01-30
I'm so jealous that everyone has such wonderful holland lops! Mine's kind of a pain, I was hoping someone else could relate, but oh well. I love Napoleon to death, he's the cutest thing I've ever seen, but he's impossible to pick up or pet. He bothers the cats when he's in "heat" or whatever it's called for male bunnies. I hope that by neutering him next month, he will calm down and stay away from my kitties behinds! He is easy to take care of and love even though I haven't found a way to hold him just yet. He buzzes a lot too, and I just adore it. I know deep down that he loves me. He's recently started laying on the couch with me, so maybe he's coming around!