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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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michelle - 2006-05-23
Let me tell you, Holland Lops are so adorable, I mean those ears and their little faces. I have had mine for about 8 months and I love him so much. Now that we have him, my boyfriend loves him as much as me.

Nicole Chase - 2006-05-21
I have a Holland Lop named Deede. She's almost 1 years old. Holland Lops are really sweet, cuddley, and are really nice. So if you're not sure on what breed of rabbit to get, I highly recommend a Holland Lop!

BRITTANY - 2006-05-18
I have a 5month old Blue eyed White Holland lop and the first word that comes to mind about him is SWEET AS CAN BE! He absolutely loves attention and will beg for it forever until he receives it. They are a great 1st time breed to have. they are great with children and love the attention they get from the younger ones. They love playing with toys and put on quite a binky show for you. The best thing other than their sweet temperment is they are a small compact breed and dont take up alot of room and are easy to take along on family trips. This is by far one of the best breeds i've owned and i have had over 12 breeds in my life. They have little grooming requirements, which is another plus. They whole around breed is just great..i would recommend that everyone get one because of their sweet heart warming personalities.

Krista - 2006-05-09
I L-O-V-E Holland Lops! They are so adorable! I am planning to get one in the near future and hope that he (or she) is a good bunny. I've been reading all about them and from what I understand they make great pets. At first, I wanted a Netherland Dwarf, but after I saw the Hollands I just fell in love! They have the cutest faces I've ever seen! As soon as I get my Holland I will be sure to post another comment and tell you how he is! Talk to 'ya soon!

TANA BACA MOHR - 2006-04-30
our children are in 4H in florida, we have 22 rabbits. 5 are holland lops, we plan to breed them and show them. angel, our salt and pepper, keeps us going with her personialty. she wants attention all the time. when you open her cage door she comes out and wants to be petted. she is everyones love from heaven above, we would not trade her for the world. we have a mom and dad, brother runt, and sister. we like our holland lops. we have french lops and mini rexs. also we like velveteen mini rexs. tana baca, sunshine state, port charlotte, florida.

Emily - 2006-04-21
I had a Holland Lop named Charlie and he was just the greatest! He was very funny- always running around people's feet and doing binkies. He was very friendly and would let me hold him for hours and coo over him. He even let me hold him like a baby. I lost Charlie while getting him neutered so that he could move into the 3 story condo we built for him and our female Dutch rabbit, Cody. I'd recommend Holland Lops to anyone looking for a rabbit, you won't regret getting a Holland.

simone - 2006-04-20
AWWWW, now that i've seeen them and compared them to other smaller bunnys this one is the cutest (ps. love the cheeks)

leyla - 2006-04-18
i just got a new holland lop earred rabbit. he is great. his name is gilbert. he is very playful. so if you want a rabbit i recommend you get a holland lop earred.

Melody - 2006-04-16
I have been raising holland lops for 2 years! i love them, they are the best to start out with and the best to end with. i have learned alot of different things. Here are some important things you i will tell you.
1. they need lots of water
2. if you show them, dont give them ALL the food they can have, 4 oz. for a female, and 3 oz. for a male
3. if you breed them take the male out of the cage afterwards or he will try to mate with the kits and will kill them
4. take care of them!
well thats all that i can think of right now! but i loooove your site! its awesome heheh :)

sarah Ann duke - 2006-04-06
My Holland lop ear is sweet and cuddling if he or she wants to be. He or she is going to 8 weeks old on the 20 of March. I brought the holland lop from a pet store because my female flemish giant rabbit died. Her name is Pinky because she was white with red eyes. I recommend highly that if the rabbit starts biting spray it in the face with water and it quits right away. the lop ear rabbit I have right now is a salt and pepper color, very pretty. his or her name is Digger, and Digger has a great personlity.