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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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di - 2006-07-05
I just got my first holland lop 2 days ago(shes a rescue rabbit) 10 weeks old. my husband has named her Dewberry Lunchable (though barely a lunchable). Even though she is severely underweight and i can feel her bones right now, she is still so beautiful and sweet. I just hope she is always this loving. (if not, we are already used to aloof bunnies, our mix breed only wants touched when SHE commands it)

Angie - 2006-07-03
I had a wonderful mini-lop named Teddy. he lived for 7 years and was the best pet. The lops are very trainable. he was litter box trained and loved to run around the house and on the furniture! I miss him so much.

aristi - 2006-06-26
I had a wonderful Holland Lop named Bauldrick. He acted more like a dog than the actual dog! Whenever he got upstairs he would drink out of his water dish and lie with his feet sprawled out right infront of the fireplace ^__^. I loved him so much, R.I.P Bauldrick

lauren donaldson - 2006-06-18
I have a mini lop her name is Mini. She is 6 months old. Her coat is black and shiny. I got her for my birthday on 4 Febuary from a breeder in Coatbridge.

Sharon - 2006-06-10
I just bought my first pair of rabbits and they are gorgeous. Her name is Praline and his name is Butterscotch, their names refer to their gorgeous colors. I am so happy to have them and already Butterscotch has learned to let me hold and love on him. He cuddles up to me and goes sound asleep as I scratch him between his ears. Praline has alot of enery and wants to jump and play and have a good time. I am looking forward to raising them.

Quinby Fludd - 2006-05-30
My name is Quinby, and I have the most beautiful Holland lop ever. She is so sweet and cute. She was my first rabbit and I am so in love with her. I recommend one for everyone...

Colleen Fox - 2006-05-29
My name is Colleen Fox from Australia. I have had my Holland Lop for 2 years and he is just precious! Totally adorable and cuddly and quite amusing. I just love him to the moon and back!!

renee macpherson - 2006-05-28
hi my name is renee macpherson and i had my holland lop for about 6 months and it is the most cutest thing i ever saw in the world.

michelle - 2006-05-23
Let me tell you, Holland Lops are so adorable, I mean those ears and their little faces. I have had mine for about 8 months and I love him so much. Now that we have him, my boyfriend loves him as much as me.

Nicole Chase - 2006-05-21
I have a Holland Lop named Deede. She's almost 1 years old. Holland Lops are really sweet, cuddley, and are really nice. So if you're not sure on what breed of rabbit to get, I highly recommend a Holland Lop!