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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Holland Lop :-D - 2006-09-24
Theu are a very good pet, friendly indeed. As a young rabbit owner, my holland lop has pulled me into wanting other rabbits also that i see in rabbits shows. But holland lops are my favorite and i am soon looking for a holland doe to breed with my buck!

Holland Lopa - 2006-09-24
Holland lops ARE THE BOMB. I have one holland buck :-D he is awesome and so cute they have such good personalitys and love to cuddle don't eat much and not much hassle.

sara knoblock - 2006-09-23
i am going to get a holland lop very soon, and it's going to be a brown female. i think this website and so many others have helped me find out more about all different kinds of bunnies!i luv bunnies!

Randi Jonson - 2006-09-21
Holland Lops are the best! I just got two 8 week old does for the FFA, and I love them to death! One is hyper and one is calm, they lick me and never bite and already use a litter box! They are named Hazel and Silver and one is gray & brown and one is white & black. They love apples (no seeds) and especially alfalfa hay and pellets. They are wonderful pets, and if you are looking for a great rabbit Holland Lops should be great for you!!

Lauren - 2006-09-05
Omg! I have one of these rabbits and they are so cute! Mine is a dump and likes to jump spray! Awwwwww!

Sabrina - 2006-09-01
I own a holland lop rabbit named Muffin. I recommend holland lop rabbits to anyone who is able to give them alot of atention. Holland lops are very funny rabbits.

Linda - 2006-08-26
My parents said when I got to a certain age I could get ANY rabbit of my choice. Believe it or not that time is next year, i have already spent 3 months researching on what kind of rabbit i want! this website has helped me so much!!!! Thank you!

akshay - 2006-08-19
hi i had a white bunny with soft grey ears and a twitching blue nose
unforunately she died :(

Valerie Pings - 2006-08-19
I have a Holand lop. Just got him today at a fair for $10 i want to show and breed him. I live in Kalispell Montana. $5 buck charges and i want 1 of the babies. thats all. I am 14 and hope to sell and breed rabbits, and win prizes at the fair. Rascal is 8 months born January 31st. He is brown with black and white. His babies have been many different colors. He is a pedigree.

ashley - 2006-08-17
i have 2 holland lop rabbits called fudge and coco! one boy one girl and we may be expecting little ones soon !
Ashley Smith
13 x