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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Blanca Belloso - 2006-12-13
Today is 8 months since my baby "Chico" passed away...I miss him so much and having had the blessing of having him for 8 years I can say he was my best friend....For anyone getting a rabbit, you should know that they truly feel and return the love you give them....they are a joy ...treat them well and spoil them with love.....Don't take them for granted.

allie - 2006-12-09
i have a holland lop and his name is mel, short for melvin. he is the cutest!

Sabrina - 2006-12-04
At one time I had like over 100 lop eared rabbits, they are so cute. I love them so much.

Charlene - 2006-11-06
I am really looking forward to get my little rabbit. his name is is buster. he was born on june 7, 06. he looks really cute. His color is chesnut. I do have a cat and anthor cat and dog at my grandmothers.
From all the information I have been getting off the internet he looks like a really cute and excellent pet to have!

Jody - 2006-10-08
I'd like to share with everyone. Do not buy treats for your bunny that are sold in stores. I almost lost my bunny to the store bought treats. A $1,000.00 vet bill. Please just feed your bunnies pellets, hays, greens and very little fruit. You need to watch the sugar, calcium and carb intake.

Andrea - 2006-10-05
Growing up, I had a HOlland Lop rabbit that was the greatest! I taught him how to "fetch" (chase a ball and stand by it until I came and threw it again). He learned his name and came when called. He loved to play in the yard in the snow, but would get cold and shiver until I put him in my flannel coat- then he'd fall asleep!
These rabbits have the best temperment; they aren't as needy as dogs, but are just as smart if not smarter.
I highly recommend this breed to anyone who is thinking about getting one!

Darla - 2006-10-03
To those of you who wonder how to protect your rabbits from hair balls, please please give them Hartz Hairball Remedy (Petromalt flavor only please). Provided to them as directed on the product will not only prevent hairball deaths, but given outside of the molting periods offers preventative maintenance as well. I have worked for a veterinarian as well as rescuing and treating many pet rabbits and this is the most effective cure to date. I have not had any incidents in over 2 years now with my 2 pet rabbits since finding this product. It was at one time a product not recommended for rabbits and now has since become very useful in providing a good quality of life during the molting process which as you know is very stressful to the rabbit. Don't forget, your rabbit is very similar to a horse in physiology and after having horses for many years, the same ideas for feeding and maintenance apply. I hope this information has helped you.

Susan - 2006-09-27
My young adult daughter was given a Holland Lop by a friend. He was only 2 months old and was the first rabbit our family had owned. He was an animal with attitude! I never realized a prey animal could be so opinionated. He bit occasionally as a very young rabbit but out grew that in a few months. We tried to let him out in the living room but he chewed everything! We had to watch him constantly. He was safer in the kitchen. His cage was in the kitchen and would demand attention. He loved sitting in our laps getting a good jaw scratch. His favorite treats were dandylions and pansies. I'll never look at a dandylion again without thinking about Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea died from a hair ball in August 2006, he was only two years old. By the time we realized he was sick, and took him to a vet, it was too late. My husband and I have grieved for him more profoundly than we could have imagined. He was beautiful, white with grey blotches. Thank you for letting me write about Sweet Pea.

eric - 2006-09-26
I can't recommend Holland Lops enough! Squiggles; The Bane of Carrots (My bunny) is a real sweetheart. He loves being around people, and craves attention like no one's business. With the right care, and attention and love, these rabbits will give it back to you in spades!

Holland Lop :-D - 2006-09-24
Theu are a very good pet, friendly indeed. As a young rabbit owner, my holland lop has pulled me into wanting other rabbits also that i see in rabbits shows. But holland lops are my favorite and i am soon looking for a holland doe to breed with my buck!