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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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katiecat28 - 2007-01-18
hey i just got a holland lop bunny around christmas time. OMG he is so cute. he is a cuddle bunny. he loves to be loved! tomorrow 1-19-07 i am bringing him into my school to do a report on him. My whole class gets to see him! Oh and by the way my bunny is named 'Binky'. and yes, he is a boy!

sophiabush_fan - 2007-01-15
My brown Holland Lop-Eared rabbit died 2 days ago. It died of suspected chemical poisoning. I loved her very much! I burried her outside my house. Take my advice, treasure your rabbit, love it with all your heart.

Freda - 2007-01-15
I got a holland lop bunny from my boyfriend for Christmas. He's pretty fantastic. Hes like a ninja, he can jump super high and he does crazy things. At first it was scary but now i like him a lot! Hes SO cute and he only has one good ear. One ear can only stay up, his other one is broken i think. My bunnys name is CHUZZLE. Hes the best bunny ever with the BEST name.
That is all!

IrmaGarcia 17 - 2007-01-04
I have a white holland lop and he is a boy 4 months old an mahhhhh cute.....I got it for christmas from my boyfriend....I have no good name for him but i calll him in meaning Love....beacuse he is my amorcito Lindo...

Blanca Belloso - 2006-12-13
Today is 8 months since my baby "Chico" passed away...I miss him so much and having had the blessing of having him for 8 years I can say he was my best friend....For anyone getting a rabbit, you should know that they truly feel and return the love you give them....they are a joy ...treat them well and spoil them with love.....Don't take them for granted.

allie - 2006-12-09
i have a holland lop and his name is mel, short for melvin. he is the cutest!

Sabrina - 2006-12-04
At one time I had like over 100 lop eared rabbits, they are so cute. I love them so much.

Charlene - 2006-11-06
I am really looking forward to get my little rabbit. his name is is buster. he was born on june 7, 06. he looks really cute. His color is chesnut. I do have a cat and anthor cat and dog at my grandmothers.
From all the information I have been getting off the internet he looks like a really cute and excellent pet to have!

Jody - 2006-10-08
I'd like to share with everyone. Do not buy treats for your bunny that are sold in stores. I almost lost my bunny to the store bought treats. A $1,000.00 vet bill. Please just feed your bunnies pellets, hays, greens and very little fruit. You need to watch the sugar, calcium and carb intake.

Andrea - 2006-10-05
Growing up, I had a HOlland Lop rabbit that was the greatest! I taught him how to "fetch" (chase a ball and stand by it until I came and threw it again). He learned his name and came when called. He loved to play in the yard in the snow, but would get cold and shiver until I put him in my flannel coat- then he'd fall asleep!
These rabbits have the best temperment; they aren't as needy as dogs, but are just as smart if not smarter.
I highly recommend this breed to anyone who is thinking about getting one!