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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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christina - 2007-03-30
I've had a Holland Lop for almost a year now. At first I didn't think he was a good pet because he didn't want to be pet or held. But now months later he hangs out on the couch with me, follows me everywhere, and entertains me by doing crazy jumping tricks. I probably spend about $40 a month on him. He's litter box trained, but still poop sticks to him and gets tracked everywhere. I have to vaccumn constantly. He just recently became very horney and humps a stuffed animal all day. I love my rabbit Jack.

Irma - 2007-03-20
I Have a holland lop but he is an albino. he's name is thumper because he like to thump a lot. i got him for christmas, my boyfriend gave it to. I love my bunny.

Anonymous - 2007-03-01
I got my holland lop in Jan. 2007. His name is Reesy, and he is the sweetest thing I've ever met! About a month before I got Reesy, I bought another rabbit named Pebbles. She was about as sweet, but had some unknown virus, and she died at eight weeks. :( But Reesy has just stolen my heart! I luv him to bits and pieces and am trying to prevent anything from happing to him. He wants a girlfriend BAD! So I am going to get him neutered in April. He is a brownish orangish color, and I hope to be with him for many years to come!
- Kim

ER - 2007-02-13
Holland Lops are soo Cute! I love Bunnys!!:)

Animal Lover - 2007-02-13
Hello, Animal-World! I love your website. It really helped me when I got my rabbit. Her name is Holly and she is a brown holland lop. She is adorable. Thanks to your website Holly has begun her training and is doing pretty good! She thanks you too. :)

Mechelle - 2007-02-09
I have a holland lop. He is black,
his name is Noah Webster Russell.

caninekathy - 2007-02-07
My husband and I stumbled upon, while doing much needed yard work, a little bundle of fur behind our patio table chair eating a piece of dried grass. Very thin, it looked scared amd emaciated. We took him into our home, and well that well that. This was Sept 11 2006, he was around 2-5 mos of age we guess. He was thin and emaciated then, frightened and unsocial. He is now 5 months, is a holland lop and from what I gather he a blue tortoise shell. sweet, sensitive and georgous in every sense of the word. coat as soft as a minx, clean and soft smelling, and never a hairball or a peep out of him! He's got the cutest little eggshaped head, he chin restes whe he gets the back of his neck rubbed. My Husband has grown very attached and fond of him little tricks we've been teaching, he's very bright! He has the most endearing and gentle nature. fits like a glove into our little sanctuary we call home. He left me a little sample of himself one day just as I was finishing up cleaning his area, he must have thought it was funny as he jubilantly was hopping around and just pretty darned pleased as punch! Stood up, looked up at me for just a second, showed me his little prized possession and decided to squirt a little somethin' on my feet, bare sandels and threw a couple of nuggets. probably saying welcome to the household ma & pa! We laughed about it hysterically!
His name is Silly Little Willy. little pink lips and pink rims around his sweet little brown expressive eyes. he's got this little thing he does with my husband in the morning before he leaves for work. jumps upon this little stool, and he gives him a tiny piece of a sliver of banana! I give him an occassional sliver of apple and/or papaya! He suddenly entered our lives, and how grateful we are that he has, thankful. He has put on weight with his 3 varieties of hay; oat, timothy, alfalfa, bermuda and meadow grass all daily - a healthy and balanced pellet variety with all the good things that help a growing boy grow! Fresh greens daily, kale, turnip, dandelion with small sprinkled bits of carrots once or twice daily - and always putting his little snoot in the water while he is drinking. - He is about 12" long 8" high, weighs about 3 lbs, and still appears to be fillin out. we figure him to be between 6-9 months of age - and doing really great. His little quirks, little snuggles and chin resting, and affectionate behaviour have been a god send to us all. He has a 4' high fence for an enclosure, lots a goodies for fun, all the necessary things a bunny would need. its 48" front to back and 72' length. Our old 15 year old cat Apollo "AKA" Pootie and Willy buddies. We have never had a rabbit, now we always will.
joseph, kathy & silly willy

Kate - 2007-02-04
I have a chocolate-brownish colored Holland Lop Rabbit named Truffles due to his nose. He's rather sweet and loves attention but has problems adjusting to a new place. This website is actually quite helpful due to the fact this is the first time i have raised a rabbit. He's sweet and eats a lot but has a weird obbsession with sleeping in corners and is obbsessed with his bedding. LoL

Tami - 2007-01-19
I have two rabbits, one is a holland lop the other is a regular spotted american. biskit is my american's name. I have not named the other because I just bought him. biskit attacked him and broke his leg I was so upset but now he is on bed rest and it should heal soon.

my roomate has two holland lops and their names are gilbert and stewie. they are extremely lazy, hahaha

Emily - 2007-01-18
Animal-World is a big help. I have a Holland Lop, I'm Going To breed Him.