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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Theresa Johnson - 2007-05-15
My holland lop (Tunny) is the most docile and loveable bunny. He is quite tame and was startling easy to house-train.

Charlotte Larson - 2007-05-01
I love Holland Lops, they are so sweet! I have two, Moxie and Marshie, they are sable point, I am so sorry about Sunny

Pam - 2007-04-22

I woke up this morning and found my Holland Lop, Sunny had passed away. It has been a sad day. He was five years old and he was fine when I fed him last night. I don't know what happened to him but he was the best and we will miss him greatly.

nataie pence - 2007-04-21
Holland lops are so cute. I have one. Its name is niko and its a Holland lop.

Anonymous - 2007-04-13
I love holland lop rabbits. my friend has one like the 3rd pic. I go to this site every day.

christina - 2007-04-06

I have a young fawn and white holland lop. She is sweet and she loves to be held. This is the first rabbit I have ever had, but now I do not think I could live without my Daisy! I highly recommend these rabbits as pets.

john - 2007-04-01
I have a holland-lop eared rabbit named Rex. I just got him a week ago and he is brown and his face is black and I LOVE him! He climbs all around me, licks me, poops a lot! He cuddles next to me on the couch while I'm watching T.V. He likes to eat apples, cauliflower and timothy grass. I would recommend a holland-lop eared rabbit to any ten-year old boy or girl.

christina - 2007-03-30
I've had a Holland Lop for almost a year now. At first I didn't think he was a good pet because he didn't want to be pet or held. But now months later he hangs out on the couch with me, follows me everywhere, and entertains me by doing crazy jumping tricks. I probably spend about $40 a month on him. He's litter box trained, but still poop sticks to him and gets tracked everywhere. I have to vaccumn constantly. He just recently became very horney and humps a stuffed animal all day. I love my rabbit Jack.

Irma - 2007-03-20
I Have a holland lop but he is an albino. he's name is thumper because he like to thump a lot. i got him for christmas, my boyfriend gave it to. I love my bunny.

Anonymous - 2007-03-01
I got my holland lop in Jan. 2007. His name is Reesy, and he is the sweetest thing I've ever met! About a month before I got Reesy, I bought another rabbit named Pebbles. She was about as sweet, but had some unknown virus, and she died at eight weeks. :( But Reesy has just stolen my heart! I luv him to bits and pieces and am trying to prevent anything from happing to him. He wants a girlfriend BAD! So I am going to get him neutered in April. He is a brownish orangish color, and I hope to be with him for many years to come!
- Kim