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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Paige - 2008-02-21
Hello everybody...I am getting a holland lop bunny at the end of march from one of my friends and I just cant wait!

kylie - 2008-02-13
Hi! I just got my Hollond Lop In September. Her name is Nugget and she is SO ADORABLE! She is VERY funny too. I just love her to death.

Sarah - 2008-02-09
I have a blue Holland lop named Reaper, and he is the most affectionate lover bunny EVER. He will sit on your lap for hours, purring with his teeth and snuggling so close! He turned one year old on August 25, 2007. I look forward to spending many more glorious years with my baby Reaper--who, by the way, got his name from those razor bunny claws when he was a kit! :D I love that little hopper so much... <3

Danielle Lacasse - 2008-01-06
We've had a Holland lop (buck) named One-Sock for over a year now. He's sable brown with a dark face and looks like a Siamese cat. He's so comical. I never realized that bunnies could bring so much joy to our life. We recently added a black dwarf doe as a friend to One-Sock. Her name is Little-One. It took quite some time for the two of them to be friends but now they are so comical together. We laugh a lot at the things they do. One-Sock is neutered. Little-One is going to be 6 months old soon so we are going to be getting her altered as well. I can't believe the change it made to have a bunny altered. It really is a healthy and wise choice. Our 2 buns are most spoiled. They get a ration of pellets, unlimited hay and fresh water, veggies and greens daily, and they love their banana and apple as treats now and then. They get plenty of time out of the cages too to frolic and lounge around. We love them dearly including our dog Stormie. She is a Samoyed/chow mix 10 yr old female and she loves the bunnies too!She would not hurt them at all. I'm really glad I happened upon this website to tell you about our pets.

Jacob G. - 2008-01-03
I got a lop ear rabbit about 4 moths ago and she is just the most affectionate thing ever. Her name is Josiphine and whenever i take her out of her cage she's all lovey dovey and always kisses me.

Anonymous - 2007-12-19
Hi i have a baby holland lop rabbit she is very cute and her name is brownie. She is also very cuddly aggressive sometimes. She is a very good bunny and a very fluffy bunny. She is the cuttest bunny you would ever see.

rae - 2007-12-11
Hi, I just got a holland lop. Its name is milo thatch because he is SO adventuresome. The funniest thing he does is jumps, then land on his tummy to rest.

Angela - 2007-11-23
hi i have 2 lops and one is due in about 3 weeks.

I have 7 grandchildren and decided to buy a Holland Lop. My middle daughter, Andrea, took him to live at her house where they could really enjoy him, as I live up north. We all put a name in a hat and the name that was pulled out was Mr. Waffles, because I make homemade waffles. He looks like a waffle. He is great and is potty trained. He loves to eat cucumber peels and potato. I recommend the lop for any family. He loves to sit on the toilet lid, go figure! Animals do the craziest things, everyone needs a pet. And by the way, my border collie Tippie and Waffles get along great. Andrea also has 3 pet rats that also love Mr. Waffles. So you just cannot go wrong with a lop. GRANMA CANDICE

Jillian D. - 2007-08-24
I just got a new holland lop...He is the sweetest thing ever! I named him Oreo, he is very well mannered but he likes to mess up his cage, alot! He looks so cute and he does the funniest things! I just love him!