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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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Hannah - 2008-06-25
Hello, My name is Hannah and I've owned 3 Rabbits in my life. One was an out-door black and white dutch named oreo, and then a few years later we got a Brown/Black Holland Lop. He was 2 months old. He was amazing, I loved him so much. He Jumped on my lap, Keyboard, and bed. He really took a liking to me. He died because we got him neutered, bacteria got into his G-track when He moved to much. Today, 2 months later I got a 6 week old baby black holland lop, I'm so excited. I know no other bunny will be just like Jessa, but he sure is doing a good job of filling in that gap. I suggest a holland lop to anyone, and I also suggest getting him/her neutered or spayed. Only Half of a percent of rabbits die from the surgery.

Paige Everly - 2008-06-22
I just got 2 holland lops, one loves to cuddle the other hates me. They are a doe and a buck, I plan to breed them. The point is HOLLAND LOPS ARE SO COOL.

Alayna - 2008-06-22
Hi! I'm going to be getting a Holland lop-eared bunny in 9 days! I went to visit it and they are SO soft and mine loves to be held. It is black and white and is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Erik - 2008-06-15
My holland lop is very sweet! It hates being picked up and is temperamental but is still the best! Holland lops are the best rabbit.

Berliss - 2008-06-09
I LOVE my Holland Lop! It makes a wonderful pet, I even have mine in a show!

someone - 2008-05-28
I love my rabbit! I think that they make great pets! And they are very cute!

Anonymous - 2008-05-21
wow! I love my rabbit. He's so sweet and loves to be held, we rescued him at 2 weeks old from a shelter.

Jill - 2008-04-28
I just brought home a 6 week old black spotted holland lop rabbit and its the sweetest rabbit I've ever seen. It loves to lay in my bed and watch TV with me. Her name is Mercedes.

Caity Soileau - 2008-04-20
All your articles have helped me so much in researching Holland Lops. I didn't get my rabbit yet, but I am this summer. So I am researching so I am prepared. Thanks a bunch!

Sarah - 2008-04-11
I have a hollandlop bunny named Coco. She loves to have people around all the time. She is very lovable and very old. Coco is a brown colored bunny. She loves my dog. She is so sweet.