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   If you're looking for a rabbit that loves to sit in your lap or be carried around, the Himalayan is the rabbit for you!
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MVT - 2010-01-22
Just an FYI that is not a picture of a Himalayan rabbit. However that rabbit does display himalayan coloring. They are wonderful rabbits and great with children. My daughter gor her first when she was 3.

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  • TRP - 2010-03-15
    Just wondering why you don't think that is a Himalayan?
  • Alex - 2010-11-21
    I need to know what a real himalayan rabbit looks like because I think I have one her nose and feet are chocolate and her tail is a cross between a light brown and dark gray she has a long slender body do you know what type of rabbit she is? Also I'm looking for a male I live in mentor ohio it's by cleveland ohio do you know of any breeders in this area?
Sarah - 2010-08-29
I'm the only one who handles my himalyan male because he kicks and scratches like there's no tomorrow. I have scars from him. Although he is quite adorable, definitely not for small children.

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  • shelby - 2010-11-12
    Yes they ARE GOOD pets I am breeding mine so I can have more. You just don't mess with yours so don't tell other people that they aren't.
rachel - 2010-10-26
I want one in black does anyone know where I can find one?

Leah - 2010-08-24
We had ours for 12 years! What a fighter. He was running and jumping right up to his last day, and only died of old age. What a wonderful, sweet pet - better than our dog!

Olivia - 2009-04-14
I'm getting one too, and I'm so excited. They are so pretty.

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  • Jamie - 2010-08-04
    Try to keep your new rabbit indoors. Mine went outside in the daytime and he developed a breathing problem because flies laid eggs in his fur and maggots developed in the nasal cavity and might have gone into the brain causing brain damage and it is unknown if he will make it. Just trying to help out another rabbit lover.
Anonymous - 2009-08-22
I have one. He is currently 9 years old! and still going on as if he's only 3. They're little cute fighters. Not recommended for children though.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-22
    How old should you be to get one of these bunnies? Are they easy to care for and do they stink?
  • cris - 2010-04-22
    Why you don't you recommend this type of breed to kids? I have read everywhere that this and the dutch breeds are good for kids. I want to know why you think they are not good for kids because we have one and we got it so the kids have a pet.
madison - 2009-01-28
What a sweet bunny!